“I hate myself”” is not the kind of statement that is worth saying. The people that say such are classified as

unappreciative, ungrateful and to some extremes disturbed.

However, if you truly hate yourself, then you can easily carry a gun, blow your brains out and then die.

Or get a knife and stab yourself in the heart and then die.

Or poison yourself and then die

Or hang yourself and then die

While you are thinking that the above are unacceptable suggestions from a writer like me, or that you wouldn’t dare do any of those to yourself, then you are probably right.

Many of us are so afraid of sudden death but we embrace slow death. Getting blown up, shot, stabbed or poisoned is truly not nice, but we are killing ourselves anyway albeit slowly.

We all tend to fight anything that wants to harm or hurt us. In fact we fight for our lives when someone else or something else wants to take it. The only time we don’t fight is when we are taking our own lives.  Have you noticed?

How do we take our own lives?

1.) We blow up our own minds –

We blow up our minds with the things we feed into it. “It is all in the mind” is a saying that presents limitations as creations of the mind. I heard this story about taming an elephant. While the elephant was a few weeks old, a strong spiky rope was tied to its leg and to a stomp. Every time the elephant tried to go beyond the reach of the rope, it feels a sharp pain and withdraws. This happened a few times until the mind of the elephant was conditioned to know the boundary. After growing up and becoming the big creature we know, the owners of the elephant changed the rope to a very weak tiny rope unknown to the elephant. However, the elephant (although stronger and free to escape) does not dare because of its mindset. Many of us are like that. We have surrendered our minds to be controlled by other things/people.

Many people have lost their minds to things unexplainable (the most common form), some others to pornography, to gambling, to lies, to shopping etc.        

2.) we poison our  bodies:

We poison our bodies with the things we consume. Imagine sitting down at the dining table with two sauce bottles with the labels – Bottle 1 “Sweet & Sour – contains Acid, Instant death if taken”. – Bottle 2 “BBQ – contains Acid, kills slowly over time if taken). I see people taking bottle 2 plus a side comment –  “at least I wont die today”. That is the way many live their lives.  

3.) we shoot our brain

We shoot our brains with things that dumb it down. Right from a very early age, we become experienced “non-thinkers”. Problem solving skills are absent. More and more, we become lazy at the use of our brains. No clear cut thought processes and patterns, no logical reasoning

In what other ways do you know that we kill ourselves?


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