When all else fails, I want you to try this one thing.

I was just only a few minutes into my work shift at McDonalds when the milkshake machine packed up.

Lunch time on a hot summer afternoon is one of the best times to have a strawberry and vanilla milkshake mix with your ‘Large Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese’ meal.

So a faulty milkshake machine is the last thing you want as the restaurant manager.

No, I was not the restaurant manager.

I was simply good at both working in the kitchen (flipping burgers), or work at the till (serving burgers).

Today, I was at the till, and after perfecting the lines “sorry there are no milkshakes, would you like a coke with your meal?” and saw customers get upset and disappointed, I felt I had to do something.

I needed a way to make the milkshake machine work.

So I did one thing!

After about 3 minutes, I walked over to the milkshake machine, and I served the very first milkshake of the afternoon.

It was a miracle.

We served a few customers, and it stopped working again.

Then I got called on again to fix it.

I walked over to the milkshake machine, and in my mind, I thought, maybe it won’t work again.

I did the one thing again, and it worked!

In fact it continued working until the technicians came to diagnose and fixed it.

This one thing saved the day!

I believe it can help you today too.

Try it.

PS: Maybe you shouldn’t wait till all else fails… I think you should always try this one thing first



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