When you see a snake, don’t be in a hurry to pick it up.

It is a lesson I learnt from the story of Moses in the bible.

Confidence will open doors for you but if you don’t know in who / what your confidence is, you will struggle (eventually).

If you haven’t read the story in a while, here’s a little recap.

God sent Moses to the most powerful king / ruler at the time to tell him to let the people of Israel leave Egypt by just asking.

Of course Pharaoh had other ideas.

So Moses performed the first trick God taught him. He dropped his rod and it turned into a snake in front of Pharaoh


What happened next probably surprised Moses.

Pharaoh’s magicians gathered around, dropped their rods and they all turned into snakes too.

Let’s pause here.

If you were Moses, what will you do?









If you said ‘WAIT’ you are correct!

To turn the snake back into a rod, all Moses had to do was chicken out and pick up the rod.

But he didn’t (at least not in a hurry).

Seeing others do exactly what you boast about as your unique selling proposition is disturbing to say the least.

Was Moses shocked when  Pharaoh’s magicians  turn their rods into snakes too? Maybe

Scared? Maybe

Confused? Maybe

Wondered what will happen next? Maybe

Considered running? Not sure

Wanted to prostrate and tell Pharaoh he was sorry? I don’t think so.

Glanced at Aaron and motioned to the door? I don’t think so.

But whatever was happening between Moses’ ears gave him enough time to experience another miracle.

His snake swallowed the other snakes.

Thank God he waited.

If he had hurriedly picked up his snake, he wouldn’t have experienced this confidence building miracle.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 came out last week.

One of the highly anticipated storylines was whether widely loved John Snow truly died from Season 5.

They called in a magician who was believed to have a chance of bringing him back to life.

She was clearly under a lot of pressure to bring John Snow back to life while everyone else looked on.

She performed her rituals and lo and behold, nothing happened.

John Snow was truly dead.

The onlookers walked out, clearly disappointed.

The magician had failed, looked disappointed in herself and like everyone else left the dead body and walked out.

Then John Snow woke up!

When we are under pressure, it seems our elements gain speed:

  1. We talk faster
  2. We make quick decisions without propoer thoughts.
  3. We run
  4. We quickly want to get out of the uncomfortable situation.
  5. We overreact.


Do this instead

* WAIT and reassess the situation

* Believe more in what you know, who you are and whose you are.

Don’t allow your confidence to take a knock.

Your snake will win

Your case will be resolved

Your business will thrive

Your marriage will stand

Your prayers will be answered.

Just wait on God.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

PS: Are you saying all I need to do is wait? Yes. If you are already good at what you do, intentionally slow down and wait to get your composure. Don’t let pressure derail you. 

If you are not good at your trade yet, do this:

  • Know and practice the basics – In every area, understand and perfect the basics.
  • Master What Ifs – Don’t wait for things to go wrong. Imagine it went wrong, and then fix it.
  • Learn from past errors – Don’t repeat the same errors.


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