Getting your dream job is a job in itself.

When you apply for a job you are qualified for, you will get that job!

Right?   Wrong!

Being qualified for a job is no guarantee that you will actually get it.

Have you experienced the disappointment of applying, attending multiple interviews, waited, maybe even did some form of assessment, and finally you got the infamous “You did well but at this time you were not successful” response.

If you have ever wondered why you were not accepted for a job role you were qualified for, these 5 things might responsible:

1. You come across as desperate

You might truly be desperate to get a job, but never show it to a prospective employer. You should show enough interest and excitement for the job role, but you shouldn’t be desperate. How do you achieve this? Be calm during the interview. Keep your answers short and punchy, and don’t agree to do all and everything just to get the job.

2. You aren’t selling enough

You know you are qualified, but the interviewers don’t know and are yet to be convinced.  (That is the essence of the interview). Don’t be arrogant; however, be firm in selling your achievements and accomplishments. If they don’t have a clear idea of what you are capable of doing and what you have done before, making the decision to hire you will be difficult for them.

3. You failed to ask for the job

Imagine trying to woo a lady and explaining why you are the best man for her. You told her your plans for the future, your ‘gentle man’ nature, the things you will do for her, and after all is said and done; you forgot to ask her out. #wastedeffort. There are 2 major parts to selling 1.) Provide the solution 2.) Ask for the sale. In your case, ask for the job. Here’s a possible example. “I am very excited for this opportunity and based on our discussion, do you have any concerns about my fit for this role? What are the next steps in the hiring process?

4. You didn’t stand out

 If you know you are qualified, do all you can to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. Let me give you an example, if using Microsoft Excel is a major requirement for a job role, rather than explain that you can use the application, why not ask for real data to manipulate directly in the application? It will make you stand out instantly! Bring your portfolio, create presentations, wow the interviewer.

5. You presented a poor CV

Your CV is a sales tool. In fact it is your No 1 most valuable tool as a job seeker. Sometimes, your interviewers aren’t the only ones who will make the decision to hire you. The only piece of document that will go round (with scribbles of interview notes) is your CV. A poor CV says you are not a good fit for the role (even if you are). Writing an effective CV that gets you your dream job isn’t a skill everyone has plus you are not required to have it. All you need to do is ‘Download a Winning CV template’ or get someone with a good track record to help you write a Professional CV.


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