Was Joseph (in the Bible) passionate about being a slave or a convict?

Don’t answer yet.

Let me ask you – Have you found your passion yet?


No?. Ok. Don’t bother about finding it yet.

I want to remind you that whatever you are doing now, focus your energy on it and do it well.

A few years ago after leaving WERM, a Consulting Firm working as a Project Engineer consulting for Thames Water UK, I went into teaching.

I taught Maths at a Secondary School in Essex, UK.

At Harris Academy, I learnt how to teach professionally and I contributed immensely.

Such that when I had challenges with my work permit, the management took it upon themselves to help (morally, legally and financially) the first time they were doing that for anybody.

In the 2 years I worked, the school became the most improved school in England and went on to become an Outstanding School from OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education).

I came back to Nigeria for Youth Service in 2011 where I served with LSDPC (Lagos State Development and Property Corporation) and I still took on a second community service teaching Maths at Ilupeju Junior Grammar School.

In LSDPC, I worked in the Engineering Department, but also helped LSDPC harness digital marketing to promote their products and services.

Today, DMM Designs consults for LSDPC on Digital Marketing.

My teaching experience opened up a training opportunity in the first week of this year and Over the past 6 days, I’ve trained more than 60 teachers of leading Private Secondary Schools in Uyo, Akwa Ibom on Effective Lesson Planning as well as implementing School Improvement Systems with Fistolas Limited for the 9 leading Schools in the State.

See pictures below.


 I studied Civil Engineering with Business Management, I’m a Strategist, a Career Coach, a Digital Marketing Consultant, Amazon Category Bestselling Author, among the Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Nigeria, Trainer and Facilitator, Blogger and your best Email Friend.

Here’s what I have learnt in all these

‘Whatever your hands find to do, do it well’ passion or no passion.

Actually let me rephrase that…

Get passionate about what your hands find to do.

You might have heard ‘Do what you love’

How about you start by ‘Loving what you do’.

Thrive where you are right now!

That’s all you’ve got for now.

All Joseph found to do was working as a slave.. He did well.

Then he found himself in prison… He did well too.

I don’t think he was passionate about being a slave or being a convict.

I think he was passionate about dreaming.

But his mindset and work ethic gave him the skills to be effective when his passion opened the door to be an Administrator.

He didn’t wait around to do what he loved, he loved whatever he did.

Don’t complain this year.

Don’t be distracted.

Focus on the things you find to do, and do it well.



PS: What if your hands find something you absolutely hate to do?

My question to you is ‘how do you know you hate it?

Have you done it very well before and hated it? Then move on to something else.

If not… do it well first!


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