Do you want to know how love works?

Write a poem for your spouse or fiancée constantly and watch the love grow.

If that doesn’t work,

Dim your computer brightness (or your phone screen brightness) to read this next option. (You don’t want the person next to you judging you)

I was watching a video recently on ‘how to make your wife happy’ so that everything else can follow. (Wink)

Guess what the advice was?

Clean the house and help out with the kids. (Ladies, am I on point?)

That’s right.

Apparently that is the magic pill.

Guess what I did?

I started with the kitchen and wiped down the place, arranging everything as my wife has appointed, breakfast items on the top level…. seasonings in this compartment etc. I even cleared all the dishes and wiped down the cupboard frames.

When I was done, I had this satisfaction and a cheeky smile on my face. I wanted to see how well this ‘magic’ move will work, and expectations on what will follow next.

I walked majestically into the room and it dawned on me that she is still thousands of miles away, feeding Diza and coping with the sleepless nights.

Oh well, It was a good trial run, I consoled myself.

Then I turned on a Praise song to Pray.

At least that is something else I can do, to prove to God that I love him with all my heart, my soul and my might.

The only problem is, loving God and loving humans are remarkably different.

When I want to show my wife I love her, I have been encouraged to find out and speak her love language. Do the things that she absolutely loves.

And it makes sense to transfer that to our relationship with God. If I want to show God I love him, then I better start professing my love for him, doing the things he loves and working harder on loving him even more.

Then I came across Romans 5:8

It says ‘…While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’. 

Hold on.

When we were certified haters, rebels, outcasts, and disobedient people, God showed His love towards us by sending His only son to die for us.

When we had ZERO capacity to love Him, He loved us.

We saw the love, we came, then, sadly we switch on our human brains and try to repay him back by striving to love him.

We work hard and hard and burn out all to show that we love Him…

But He has a better plan

A secret I am hoping to learn more about.

We love him, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

It will be easier to Love God, when you truly take time to understand how much He loves you.

Stop trying to love him, simply accept and embrace His love for you.

You may ask, Ibukun how do I do that?

I am not 100% sure and I don’t have 7 steps to loving God more, however here are 3 things I have learnt:

  • My sins are not as powerful as God’s love and grace. When I do my worst, He brings out his best. So I have stopped trying to outshine Him. No point continuing in sin.
  • He has continually blessed me; even in times I don’t feel I deserve it. So I am learning my feelings and God’s love are not in sync. Irrespective of how I feel, He loves me enough to bless me.
  • It is easier to love God, when I understand how much He loves me.


Question:  In what ways do you think we try very hard to show God that we love Him? Leave a comment below, I’ll love to hear from you.

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