Being specific sells…. Being generic does not.

Specificity is good in marketing, if used correctly.

If used the wrong way, it can actually damage the credibility of your marketing message

Imagine trying to describe an outcome you achieved, or tell a story or show case studies, the more specific they are, the more believable.

Specifics can increase the credibility and believability of your message. And allow prospects to conjure a more vivid image in their mind’s eye of the picture you’re painting. While vague, general statements and promises in your marketing roll off your prospects back like water off a duck. And are viewed as typical “salesman’s hype”. – Todd Brown

There are 2 types of specificity you should be using in your marketing according to Todd Brown

  • Past Specificity
  • Future Specificity

The main difference between the two is the level of details given.

Past specificity applies when describing something that has taken place in the past. In this case, the more specific you are, the more believable the message because it is an event that had already taken place and you should have all the details available.

Here’s an example of a post I wrote describing lead generation on Facebook – Case Study: How I generated 229 targeted leads from Facebook in 9 days. Or if you are a business, you can share about How one of your clients saved N1,567,090 by using your solution.

With future specificity, tone down on the details.

It is very difficult or impossible to fully predict how much profit, or how many subscribers a process can achieve in the future so as a learning curve, give broad numbers when you are handling future promise or marketing message. An example is “How to make a minimum of N150,000 every month using…”.

Simply put:

Be specific when making your promises.

Be ultra-specific when describing the past.

To use both in one example see this:

“How I’m banking an average of N160,345.89 every month with one Facebook ad… and how you can easily do the same and bank N150,000 in the next 30 days!”

How are you using specificity in your marketing message? Leave comments below


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