On the 70th day, He arose from the grave, but that was only part of the story. From the 69th day, 33 miners “buried” under the ground all made it back to the surface. It was not just a victory for their families or a victory for Chileans alone, but a victory for the whole world, a victory for humanity.

I watched some live footage of the rescue and whoa! It was moving and touching. The ecstatic moment as each miner was hoisted to the surface. The waiting families, the waiting rescuers, the waiting president, the waiting cameras, the waiting public, the waiting world all applaud the courage of the miners and the flawless execution of the rescue operation.

I am sure you can tell that I am joining the whole world in this celebration of life.

One of the rescuers said, I had a choice between holding God’s hand, or the devil’s hand, and I chose God [Paraphrased]. Reading through the list of rescued miners, the following was written about two of them:


1.)    Omar Reygadas, a bulldozer operator who, after leaving the capsule, knelt on the ground clutching a Bible.

2.)    Jose Henriquez, an evangelical preacher who had the job of keeping up his colleagues’ spirits.

How does this ordeal of “up from the grave they arose” compare with the “resurrection?”

1.)     The miners were never dead, Jesus died before he was buried in the tomb

2.)     There were 33 miners, and only Jesus

3.)     They had food supplies sent down the mine, you could argue the angels fed Jesus, but remember, He was dead.

4.)     For the miners, the whole world (except those in villages without access to media) knew about their ordeal, with Jesus, there was no BBC, but we still know about him.

5.)     The rescue mission for the miners took about 53 days, for Jesus only 3.

6.)     Jesus did not have to worry about not seeing daylight, He created it.

7.)     The miner’s required immense medical attention, Jesus was better after than before.

8.)     The miners needed cameras to talk, Jesus just dashed around appearing to people

9.)    A lot of people were involved in the rescue mission, possibly hundreds, with Jesus, 1 angel was at the tomb

10.) The miners will be famous, but never as Jesus.

11.) The miner’s ordeal was a freak accident; Jesus gave himself as ransom to save you.

12.) The miners were concerned about their lives; Jesus died and rose to save yours.

13.) Jesus knew the miners all along, now the miners know him.

I know some of you may think “unacceptable” (comparing Jesus to the miners). I agree. Jesus is the creator of the world (John 1:3), the saviour of the world, and the one with the ultimate say.

Although, human contribution and expertise had helped the rescue mission, the words of the presidential Chaplain sums it up. “Prayer to God” had united the people.

More people now know God as a rescuer. You should believe in him too.

Interestingly, you don’t have the media attention in your own collapsed tunnel, and it is only you there (or a few of you), and there is no sophisticated shaft to be sent down to bring you out.

For the first 17 days they thought they were alone until they were found. Guess what, you are never alone, God is everywhere, even in your collapsed tunnel, reach out to him, send a letter, write a note “in prayer” and ask for His help.

“James 4:8 – Come close to God, and He will come close to you…”


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