In this series, Ibukun Onitiju goes through a proven template to help anyone become better at sales! Using short videos and mind changing content, Ibukun explores the Mindset, Skill set and Tool set required to achieve this.

1. Part 0 – Your Mindset is the reason you can’t sell yourself – Fixed

You are good at what you do. You are not a liar. You don’t do eye service. You work hard and you want to be rewarded and recognised but you need VISIBILITY in addition to your ABILITY.

You need to SELL yourself better. Sales is NOT lying. Sales people are NOT liars. When you change your opinion about the sales process, you will be able to sell yourself better.


2. PART 1 – Introduction: How to be better at sales

Knowing how to sell will change your life!

In this series, I will be sharing from my template for helping people like you become better at selling | Yourself | A Product or Service | Your Start-up | Anything.


3. PART 2 – The Sales Onboarding Roadmap

Here I talk about my sales onboarding roadmap.

There are 3 parts.

1.) Mindset

2.) Skillset


You need all 3 to be good at sales and you will get a head start from this series as you develop this all-important skill.

Sales is not about telling lies. You need a good product or service (and if you are selling yourself, be good) to be better at sales.  In addition to that, you need to clearly articulate the benefits of buying from you (or buying into you).

You also need to put your product in front of the right audience/market.  What will the client have, how will they feel, what change of state will happen and what will their day be like after they buy and use your product.


4. Part 3 – [Mindset] – Introduction

It starts with the mind! Many have concluded that they are not good (and cannot be good) at a skill they need to survive, but it is not true because you use that same skill every day. Once you think it, see it and say it differently, things will change. Leave a comment and tag a friend.


5. Part 4 – [Mindset] – Self Discipline.

Good salespeople are very disciplined and they follow through. If you have ever relied on willpower to help you stay disciplined, you already know it doesn’t work. But if you add 2 other things, you will be flying. I share those two things in this video. Leave a comment and tag a friend.


6. Part 5 – [Mindset] – Positive Mental Attitude

Seeing the glass Half full or half empty? None of these work in sales! No excuses allowed! Not the weather, economy, country or your boss.  Do you know why? Because one small negativity can derail your progress.  Watch today!


Part 6 – [Mindset] – Show your prospects you care.

One stigma salespeople tend to have is that they care more about their numbers than their prospects or clients.

I challenge you to take a different approach. Give them some TLC (Tender Loving Care).

If you want to be a one-hit wonder, do whatever you like, but if you want a consistent stream of clients, then show that you care.

You might have come across this statement before: People do business with people they know, like and trust.

I agree too, but some people dislike others for no real, or explainable reason. So trying to get people to like you will be a hit and miss.

I share what you should do instead in the video. Do it and they will automatically like you!

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