Last week was awesome. I had an incredible experience..

I drive a Toyota Corolla Sport.

Read that line again and I can bet you are having some nice picture of the kind of car I drive.

I can also bet you are thinking of a nice solid car with alloy wheels.

In both cases, you are right!

What you probably don’t know is “It wasn’t always the case”.

Just a few months ago, the e-mails I sent to you were written on my phone while squashed in the back seat of a yellow Lagos bus in traffic on 3rd Mainland bridge (half asleep and half awake).

Things got better, and I swapped the yellow buses for the white and green Lekki buses, still getting stuck in traffic going to Igbo-Efon.

One day I will tell you the full story including the day I knew something must change when a black Mercedes 4 x 4 decided to shower me while seated in a bus with waste water.

Back to the story.

Last week I was driving home from work and at a bad patch on the road, I was careful to avoid potholes (remember by Corolla Sport) but the loud screams of everyone around me told me I wasn’t careful enough.

I heard the sound of metal peeling and people screaming STOP!

I stopped, extremely concerned about what could have happened to my car. After moving the car back and forth, I was finally able to drive off the side spoiler that had been yanked off by the big stone in the road.

I stepped out of the car, but I wasn’t in a good state to asses any damage, so I carried the spoiler, put into the car and drove off.

As I approached the slip road by Adele Adeniji, about joining the 3rd mainland bridge, I pulled over, came out of the car and wasn’t sure if my car is very damaged or not. One thing was certain, the sight wasn’t pretty.

I got back inside my car and called Israel. Israel is my ‘go to guy’ with matters like this.

Within another 30 minutes we met to get the car fixed.

I was hoping for good news and I got great news.

The spoiler removed cleanly. Although I climbed on it, there was no scratch and it wasn’t broken.

Within 15 minutes, the car was back as before and no one would have guessed anything had happened to the car.

I was thankful to God, headed home (got some roasted corn on the way to celebrate).

Later that evening, God led me to a passage in the bible that BLEW MY MIND!

I want to share that passage with you and tell you the exact lesson God taught me that night.

This lesson means you can ‘reverse engineer’ miracles in your life.

Hebrews 1:3

Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by the power of His word.

The key phrase I want to focus on is Sustaining ALL things by the power of his word.

As a Christian this shouldn’t be new. Effective prayer is prayer that is backed with God’s word.

You have a heart desire, or a request, or interceding for someone, you first go and find out what God says about that situation in the bible and pray God’s word back to Him.

Everything is sustained by the power of His word.

But there are some times you don’t have a word, or there is no time to find a word or the ‘finding a word’ process was totally skipped and you found yourself with an answered prayer, a breakthrough, a miracle, a jaw dropping experience of God’s goodness and favour that you can’t explain.

It was exactly what happened to me.

With the sound of the car, the screams of the people and the time it took me to drive off the fallen spoiler, I am shocked that nothing happened to my car aside from clipping it back.

Then God showed me another verse in the same chapter

Hebrews 1:14

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

And that totally cleared my experience. Ministering angels were at work on my behalf during that incident.

And here is the sweet part.

I didn’t have a word before the miracle happened, but I got the word after. (and I can re-use it again and again and pray the word into my consciousness that I ALWAYS have ministering angels assigned to serve me).

Anytime you have a positive event occur in your life that you did not anticipate or pray for. It is time to get your bible out and find the word that sustains that experience and consciously use it again and again and again.

Random things don’t happen. When God blesses and favours you, He is acting on a promise He has made concerning you. It is never a one-off. Find the word and ‘eat it’. It will sustain you.

What positive experience have you had recently and what bible verse has a promise backing it up? Share in the comments.


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