What are you made of?

Nicholas is made of “full Dutch + ½ Russian” and when you have Dutch blood mixed with a portion of Russian blood, Nicholas becomes a type of product you get (Not always). As a young boy, Nicholas was an avid reader and excelled academically.

In recent weeks, Nicholas has done himself good with his prowess, composure, presentation and ultimately charm (yeah, TV charm).

From this point on, read very carefully, because leaders don’t just drop from the sky. It may take a while, but the years of growth and development will, at the right opportunity, make a commendable public appearance.


I agree that certificates are only as useful as the actual knowledge of the bearer, but education is vital to achieve in life. Oh, by the way, you are shooting yourself in the foot if in your mind the word education creates an imagery of four walls, interactive white boards, pens and a lecture theatre. It is time we all update our learning drivers that education is:

  • knowledge acquired by learning and instruction,
  • activities that impart knowledge or skill
  • the gradual process of acquiring knowledge

Nicholas went to a private fee paying school in Westminster. At 16, he went to Germany as an exchange student, and as part of his formal education graduated from Cambridge, went on scholarship to University of Minnesota, and also obtained a second Masters degree at College of Europe in Bruges.  He is multilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German.

(How many languages do you speak?)


Nicholas took various jobs including being an Austrian Ski instructor, a trainee journalist in New York and he was also a consultant in London and Budapest. He then worked in Brussels in the European Commission. He was elected MEP (Member of European Parliament) for East Midlands in 1999 and only stepped down because of the strain on his family after 5 years as an MEP.

In 2005, Nicholas (widely known as Nick Clegg) was elected MP of Sheffield Hallam and in 2007 was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats.

In the space of 3 years, He has propelled the Liberal Democrats to become a major party force in the coming election, leapfrogging Labour into 2nd place and even briefly beating the Conservatives to 1st place.

He has been the revelation of this election and campaign, and I will wait expectantly to see if this surge translates to seats come May 6.

Quick Lessons for you and me:

ü      Have a plan for your life.

ü      Cherish Education

ü      Work on your presentation (It has been a huge plus for Nick, just look at Gordon Brown)


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