Have you ever wondered where the best place to get a new job is?

My father sits on his chair, leans back, closes his eye, and i know that he is deep in thought.

My father-in-law puts his hands in his pocket, walks to an open space, or to the edge of his window and stares into the distance, and I know he is deep in thought.

I am a little bit different. I pace up and down (almost aimlessly) any time I am deep thought. While I can sit down to meditate, I need to be moving to develop my ideas

Both of them over their working lives had found out about the best place to get a new job.
I have done a lot of this in the past 48 hours thinking about you.

I am writing to you about 1 (One) single skill combination you must have this year to get multiple job offers, negotiate a higher pay, and pick the job offer you love the most while others might be whining about no jobs and no money.

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Today, I jumped up from my bed screaming YES! After I read a particular part of the Bible

For now, forget about updating your CV, Submitting your CV to job sites, or harassing family and friends on how you need a new job badly.

I have found that the best place to get a new job is constantly ignored by most people.

For whatever reason, we focus our effort on places that give us little return.

Here’s the cold hard truth (is that how they say it?) if a vacancy can be filled with a referral within a network, that vacancy will not make it to public knowledge (except for due diligence).

So if you are reactively waiting for aggregated job vacancy emails to hit your inbox in the morning, your chances of getting a job are drastically reduced.

It isn’t impossible, but it will be difficult. As I said earlier, before it made it to public domain, the role might have already been filled.

Let’s talk about a day in your life. (I am assuming you currently have a job and want to get a new job).

You wake up in the morning to go to work. After work is over, you come back home, chill out a bit, get some rest and do it again the next day.

This happen for weeks, months and years

Weekends are likely to be different. You get some rest and spend time with your family, hang out with friends, go to parties and maybe spend 2 hours in Church on Sundays.

Are you starting to see a trend here?

 The people you see the most, interact with the most, and spend time with the most are your co-workers. You may not like your job, you may not like your co-workers, you may not like your boss, but these people are the people you spend the most of your life with (not even your spouse, unless you work from home).

So if there is anyone that knows what you can do, how competent you are, what you can deliver and how you can add value to any organisation, it is your CO-WORKERS.


The best place to get a new job is where you currently work!


Let me explain

In Yoruba, they say 20 kids won’t play together for 20 years. This means at different times your co-workers will leave and take up new job opportunities in other companies and because you already work together, chances are they may take jobs in companies that do similar things with your current organisation.

It could be your boss that leaves to a bigger and better opportunity.

All your co-workers have the tendency to sing your praises if you nurtured those relationships by being a good employee where you currently are right now.

Every working day is your chance to reinforce your worth in the minds of your coworkers by doing such a great job that when a better opportunity shows up in their network, they can happily recommend and refer you.

This is how people get jobs without interviews.

It is how only a phone conversation can lead to a job offer.

It is how you negotiate a higher salary because the person referring you already knows what you can do.

Take where you currently work seriously, because you don’t know who is watching and who has information about a better opportunity that can make your life better.

And this happened in the bible.

Genesis 40:14-15
After Joseph interpreted the dream for one of his co-prisoners (co-workers), he said:

“Remember me when things go well for you, and please do me a favor. Mention me to Pharaoh, and get me out of this prison. I was kidnapped from the land of the Hebrews, and even here I’ve done nothing to deserve being put in this prison.”

Joseph did not like his job of being the Project Director in Prison. That’s not where he saw himself and his career a few years before. Unfair circumstances brought him here, and maybe like you, you are looking for a better future, a better job, a better company


Joseph still delivered and worked efficiently at a job he did not like because he knew that the best place to get a better job is where you currently work.

When an opportunity arose in the palace for someone who had the skills of interpreting dreams, a referral (like in all other jobs) is always preferred.

Who best to refer Joseph than a co-worker?

Can your co-workers refer you to a better opportunity?

Make sure they can this year, you’ll need it!

How did Joseph get along with his co-workers?

Here are 4 points you can implement.

1.) Do your job well – Their jobs (and lives) will be easier if you do yours well.

2.) Foster good team spirit – Don’t be the one with the bad workplace attitudes, gossiping, backbiting and victimizing others.

3.) Show empathy – People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Joseph cared when he saw the downcast faces of his fellow prisoners. He showed concern.

4.) Bring your creativity and talent to work – Joseph’s JD (Job description) does not including interpreting dreams, but he was good and talented at it. When an opportunity came up to help his co-workers, he used his talent.

I want you to make this year your best year ever, and that means not babysitting (or lying) to you.

Take your job seriously!

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