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Taking Initiative Part 1

I found this simple illustration: Imagine you share an apartment with roommates and the dirty dishes are piling up in the kitchen. With every additional plate, empty space in the kitchen disappears. Eventually, the filth tolerance level of one of the roommates is surpassed and this poor person starts doing the dishes. Often this initiative encourages roommates to follow the good example. Everybody likes having such leaders as roommates, and human resource departments have a strong interest in recruiting these personalities as well. In fact life....

Taking Initiative Part 2

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. - Zig Ziglar”

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Learning how to Take Initiative is not just another skill you must possess to pass an interview. In today’s highly competitive world, I regard ‘Taking Initiative’ as the number one skill you must possess to make it. To get a job, to keep your job, to get a pay rise, to excel in the Marketplace, to be a good parent, to be a great friend, to be relevant in your community, you need to be a serial Initiative Taker. Today, I talk about the fear of the unknown or the fear of the known in Taking Initiative, plus I share my 'Must See' Slides for a Taking Initiative Training I facilitated this week. This training slides anchor everything I'll teach in this series, and You'll Love the animated slides.

Taking Initiative Part 7 – Persistence

Today we will explore the third and final stone in understanding the science of Taking Initiative. In Taking Initiative Part 2, I showed you the full slides to the presentation I did that gives an overview of this Taking Initiative Series. In Taking Initiative Part 4 – Personalised Goals, we talked about the First Stepping Stone and in Taking Initiative Part 6 – Proactive, we talked about the Second Stepping Stone.

This 3 Stone strategy to Taking Initiative is credited to Michael Frese and Doris Fay’s work in PI (Personal Initiative) University of Giessen and University of Amsterdam.

“The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. ” – Anonymous

This series has only 1 objective‘to make you a serial initiative taker – where Taking Initiative becomes a science that can be mastered.’

The Third and Final Stepping Stone in the Science of Taking Initiative is ...

Taking Initiative Part 6 – Being Proactive

Being proactive is not a mysterious quality that we have, or don’t have. It is a way of dealing with things, that we can develop and strengthen. -- ProactiveChange.com
The definitions attached to being proactive can be vague, confusing and make little sense to an average person. Definitions like “Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do something before you do it”
Don't wait for someone to tell you there is a problem. Know when problems are occurring and fix them.”
“It means taking "action" when there is no guidance.”
Ok, I get it, but how do I take action, how do I know that something is going to happen in the future that requires attention now?
Experience does help at this stage. But if you don’t have experience, then you are probably stuck too.
So you’ll be happy to know that I am not giving you anymore definitions, but rather Actual Steps and Resources to make you act proactively. The key to mastering Being Proactive is ...

Taking Initiative at Work – 4 things you can do Now!

In this current climate, taking initiatives at work is not just a task for the ambitious or hardworking employee, it is very important if you don’t want to lose your job. Companies will be reluctant to let go of employees that consistently add value to the organisation. If there is one secret thing you can start doing now, it is to start taking initiative at work. If you do, don’t be surprised that promotion will come and even in the downturn you can be getting salary increase. How can I start taking initiative at work? Let’s run through some things you can start doing NOW!

Taking Initiative Part 4 – Personalised Goals

 “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” - George Bernhard Shaw (Mrs. Warren’s Profession 1893)
Today I unveil the First Stone in the science of Taking Initiative and I give a practical example of how to get it done with a step by step guide. This series has only 1 objective, ‘to make you a serial initiative taker - where Taking Initiative becomes a science that can be mastered.’ The very first Stepping Stone in the science of Taking Initiative is ...

Becoming a Parent can be the Key to your next Job

We've been talking on Taking Initiative as a Series on Mind and Mouth. I really want to move on to Part 3 where we explore the first Stone in the Science of Taking Initiative; however I want to help a demographic of my readers with some practical steps. We can call this post Taking Initiative Part 2a, because I want to address a common fear in the Marketplace: The fear of ending your career because you are now a parent (especially for women). Becoming a parent has sent many mums and some dads packing from the Marketplace because of the ways they are perceived. Admittedly this issue affects women more than men. The rigours of pregnancy, delivery, maternity leave, Out of work for months and up to years for some, the fear of not fitting in, Employer’s policy etc. all account for this. However, many parents still want to or have to go back to work to live a decent life and support their families. Therefore, I want you to have a different perspective to parenting and how it can help you get your next job rather than be a factor working against you.   The secret is this:
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