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Taking Initiative – Everything you need to know

Over the years I realise that while for some people taking initiative seems to come naturally, it is a skill that follows a thought pattern and can be replicated over and over and over again till it becomes an exact science. In this series, I show you how to become a 'Serial Initiative Taker' with 3 Stepping Stones to Taking Initiative

The Power of Free

I’ve taken a close look at the current situation in the world in general, and I find this one thing is stamped over individuals, stamped over businesses, stamped over corporations, stamped over nations, and that thing is GREED!. The current economic downturn in the world can be traced to high level of greed prevalent in our society. The question to you is, “are you greedy too?” I asked because if you are greedy, then it might be very difficult to understand, utilise and profit from the ‘power of free’. Greedy people don’t just get it.

I don’t want to be a bigger boy anymore

He was a four year old boy at the time and the only concern he seemed to have was the lure of adulthood. He...


Happy New You I want to thank almighty God for giving you and I the grace to see this amazing new year. For you, this...
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