We started this series with “FACE” – talking about your identity, “PLACE” – talking about the place you occupy in different aspects of your life. I said the best places to be are places that match your identity (face).

This final post is about the things that you surround yourself with, your SPACE. A very common saying is “you are encroaching into my space”.

The air around you is filled by your presence, so, may I ask you, what does that air contain? Do you exude pessimism or optimism? Do you exude encouragement or discouragement? Are you a naysayer, or a possibility advocate? Do you attract opportunities or repel them?

You are responsible for the things you allow into your space, and what you allow into your space can either charge you up or choke you up.

There are lots of things we allow into our space, I will talk about a few of them but to really live an exemplary life you need to scrutinize everything that you have in your space, grow the things that are working, remove the things that aren’t.

1.)    People: Everyone has a circle of influence. By that, I mean people who influence you (your thoughts, your words, your actions, your beliefs). The people in your space is an indication to others the sort of person you might be. The book of proverbs in the bible has numerous words of wisdom about the people we grant access into our space. One of my favourite is Proverbs 13:20. Quick word of advice, don’t concentrate on your circle of concern, it give power to the things you can’t control.

2.)    Values: You are solely responsible for the things you base your life on. Values are ideals that help conditions the way you make choices in life. Examples of Values that contribute positively to your life include: Integrity, Positive Attitude, Healthy Living, Leadership, Service to God, Service to others, Wisdom, Fun, and many others. Controversially, our society has neglected a basic value system – FAMILY. And the effects of a lack of strong family structure can be seen in our deteriorating society.

3.)    Attitude: I really have to include this because this is your earthly fragrance. You may not carry the people in your space everywhere you go, your values may not be known everywhere you go, but your attitude announces you. You might have heard this many times, and here it is again, you MUST cultivate POSITIVE ATTITUDES. Over at (the attitude website) there are many tips on how you can start developing positive attitudes.

Finally, your SPACE must emit a fragrance that is not just pleasing to people, but acceptable to God. Read what God says about you in 2 Corinthians 2:15.


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