Why do we share problems with Pastors?

Why do we share problems with Pastors?

I will delete the last two words – ‘with Pastors’ and change it to ‘Why do we share problems?’

That is so much easier to answer.

Problem shared is problem halved, and there is now research data to back it up. 

When you share your problems:

·       You feel light and relieved, like the burden has been shared.
·       There is hope of a resolution
·       If you shared it with the right person, the problem could be solved quicker than expected.
·       It probably wasn’t even a problem at all because you shared with someone who has the solution at hand.

These are some of the reasons why we share problems.

When it comes to sharing problems with Pastors, the above benefits are equally enjoyed, plus the added benefit of spiritual insight. Spiritual insight that many of us are not certain that we have in equal measure.

This is most likely because we are not putting in the effort to develop it. The more we believe in the power of sharing problems with Pastors the less we tend to develop our faith.

There are some problems only God can solve.

Who should you share that with?


Mark 5

Mark 5 tells the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus was on his way to heal the daughter of one of the Synagogue leaders, who has shown so much Faith to publicly approach Jesus for help.

The woman with the issue of blood decided to do something radically different. She knows what her problem was (and possibly shared it with as many people as she could but the problem was still there…. for 12 years)

So, this time, she purposed in her heart that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, she would be made whole.

She did not need to share her problem with Jesus. She however believed that ‘contact’ with Jesus will turn her life around.

If you break that down it means, you too can believe that:

– Going to church can bring your miracle
– Serving in church can bring your miracle
– Praying can bring your miracle
– Listening to the word of God can bring your miracle
– Any contact with Jesus can bring you your miracle.

The only requirement is to have Faith. You need Faith.

Let’s talk about some of the other miracles of Jesus. He asked questions in some and others shared their problems.

What can I do for you? I want to receive my sight, said blind Bartimaeus. And Jesus healed him and then said ‘your Faith has healed you’. Bartimaeus shouted until Jesus asked for him to be brought.

Jairus told Jesus his little daughter was dying, ‘please come and put your hand on her so that she will be healed’. Jesus went with him. On his way there, report came back that the daughter had died.

Jesus’ word to Jairus was ‘Don’t be afraid, just believe’ and Jesus raised his daughter back to life.

So, there is nothing wrong in sharing problems with Pastors. Even the bible encouraged us to share with church leaders.

However, when the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus and was made whole, Jesus still said ‘Your faith has made you whole’

For the disciples, however, who are with him constantly and seen him perform a lot of miracles in their presence, he described them at one point as ‘O ye of little Faith’ because they came to wake him up to share their ‘stormy’ problem… while he was sleeping. (Typical Pastor’s experience eh?)

Ayo’s Story

Ayodele Olusanya shared about his mum recently in a message he preached title Earnestly Seeking. She was very ill at a certain point years ago, and after a while with no improvement and he’d taken time off work to look after her, he decided to do something different. One day after he got back home from an early morning prayer meeting, he put his mum back in his car and drove her back to church.

The mum asked, where are you taking me to? Are you taking me to your pastors so they can pray for me? Ayo replied, no mum, they are in bed.

There was no service going on, the church was locked with no Pastor around. He planned it that way. It was just him, his mum and contact with Jesus.

He prayed and believed, and God answered.

The mum was healed. He recounted that a few years later when his mum celebrated her 70th birthday, many people did not even know she went through a near death illness.

You too

You too can pray by yourself and see miracles.
You can go to church when no one is there to meet with your God.
You can read your bible until it comes alive and you get the Word you need.
You can pray until something happens!

Try it!

God will respond to your act of Faith.

Happy New Month.

PS: Minister Ayo infuses a lot of humour in his messages, so have a listen and you will start laughing from the start. (February Messages)

PPS: Are you saying I shouldn’t join my faith with others, especially when my faith is weak?

You already answered it. The whole essence is to develop your Faith, please share and join as long as your Faith is growing because you need to help someone else develop theirs too.

Your turn, why do you share problems with pastors?


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