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This is the fourth installment in this series countdown to 49 Secrets of the most successful companies in the world by world acclaimed business consultant, Jay Abraham

Secret #22: Better Questioning

The most successful companies ask the best questions on a continuous basis. They examine and re- examine their business continually. They are aware of the business and are always asking what can be improved and how many ways they can improve. This could mean asking questions about team performance, buying, quality, and more – and they look for better answers. When they get better answers, they use them; they don’t just listen and do nothing with them. They are fanatically committed to taking more action and executing, implementing and trying more powerful approaches. They have an action-based, proactive-based, and implementation-based attitude.

Secret #23: Enriching Connections And Relationships

The most successful businesses have owners who regularly connect deeply with their clients. They have very strong bonds, connections and relationships that they never allow to disintegrate. They always fortify and enrich these relationships. They get on the phone once a month or quarter; they bring people to lunch; they bring people to the office; they go out and visit people; they send people notes; they check up on people and their families; and they do things none of their competitors do to establish a relationship with people. The result of this is that clients, customers and team members never want to leave.

Secret #24: Greater Contribution


The top performing companies have a different mindset than everyone else. They see themselves as great contributors who make their buyers better off. They see themselves as caring and delivering more. They see themselves in a satisfying and fulfilling way as someone who always adds more value. This empowers them to operate with more passion and allows them to come across with more certainty in everything they do. This isn’t fake or sales talk; they totally believe in the fact that they are bringing the greatest value to the client. They are confident, satisfied and certain because of this, and it comes across in a very powerful way to their prospects and buyers.

Secret #25: Maximize The Two Talents

I have a colleague who makes the distinction between learned and earned talent. Learned talent are the attributes you gain from observation, instruction and training. The most successful companies have individuals that have learned talents involving honesty, thoughtfulness, positivity, proactivity, flexibility, and passion. These are attributes you can teach your team in order to think, be and act differently. Earned talent are those skills you naturally possess, have a gift for, and can be developed. You may be a great communicator, a logical thinker, and so on. You have to be able to identify these abilities in yourself and your team, and harness the best ones for the best purposes. When you do this, you dramatically raise the productivity, impact and collaboration of your entire organization. You have to maximize all these elements because talent is often the most underutilized asset in business, and as you improve each of these elements you gain greater results.

Secret #26: Integrating Team Observations, Realizations and Perspectives


The top performing companies integrate their teams thinking. You want to encourage your team to have independent discussions with you about what they see in the business that could be improved. You don’t want them to be fearful of presenting observations and realizations to you. Often, they can see things you may not recognized or that you may have refused to deal with. You want your business to be great and you want to be better than any of your competitors at dealing with, selling and serving your clients. The people who probably have the most understanding are often those people that work for you and, from time to time, you need to bring them together to openly and respectfully encourage them to give you their perspectives. You’re trying to see how they see the situation. If they don’t see it the way you do and they are right, you can adjust; if they don’t see it the way you do and they are wrong, you can qualitatively help them adjust. Either way, you need to know reality.

Secret #27: Strategically Saying No

If you try and be everything to everyone, then you’re nothing to anyone. You want to learn how to say no to people you should not be selling to. You want a business model that goes beyond simply lowering price. If you want to take a premium position like the most successful companies in the world, you must articulate your position, present it and turn down people who don’t appreciate what you are, who you are and why your different. Figure out who your best clients are and why, and then determine the best way to position and present your company, product, service and/or brand. Say no to people who try to hammer you down or are not appreciative. Some people may not embrace this, but if you want to be great, do this.

Secret #28: Being Congruent


The economy can be challenging. Competition can be challenging. Online changes can be challenging. Yet, the most successful companies and their leaders are congruent. This means, as a leader, you have ensure your team knows you have a strategy. A leader shows people they have clarity. You can’t keep changing your mind or show you’re are scared, even if you are. Be calm and believe in yourself. Whatever position you decide for your business, be consistent with it. You can’t say one thing and do something else. You can’t say you’re the highest quality and then deliver mediocrity. You can’t say you have the best price and then deliver a poor price. You can’t say you have the best selection and then deliver inadequate selection. As the world gets more sophisticated and consumers get more educated, you have to be congruent and true to whatever you stand for, say and offer.



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