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This is the third installment in this series countdown to 49 Secrets of the most successful companies in the world by world acclaimed business consultant, Jay Abraham.

Secret #15: Knowing The Numbers

The best performers are aware of how every revenue-generating activity performs. They know how their ads perform, how their salespeople perform, what it costs to get an appointment, how many appointments convert to a sale, how many buyers end up buying different products and services, and so on. They put their focus and resources on their highest and best activities. For those activities that aren’t performing well, they either eliminate them or they strengthen them and make them better. They know the performance of everything that is part of their revenue process in terms of cost and production.

Secret #16: Mastering Media

The best performing companies use media masterfully. They get articles written, they write guest columns, they go to publications and online communities and become thought leaders, they start discussion groups and attain positioning, they publish papers, and a lot more. They do all sorts of things to elevate and strongly distinguish themselves and their company from everyone else.

Secret #17: List Building

The best performing companies have growth strategies and methods for growing their email lists, social media lists, communities – and they have people that manage these activities so they keep growing. This leads to a very strong and long-term connection with their prospects, buyers and marketplace. They have systems that add people to these lists every day. They don’t rely on hope; they systematically use different list-building processes for each category of list.

Secret #18: Adding Value In Unique Ways

When you look at the most successful companies, they add value in unique ways. They bring in experts beyond their skillset that are appealing to their market and pay a fee to that expert to interview them and then give that interview away to people on their website. They create access to all kinds of unique content from other people and make it available in all sorts of ways. They have regularly scheduled video, audio, and/or online clinics where they share success approaches, problem-solving sessions, success-story sharing or simply have discussions. They do all this in an integrated and strategic way designed to strengthen the company. Everything is very strategic, unique, and memorable.

Secret #19: Direct Response Advertising

The most profitable and successful companies only run advertisements that are direct response. Direct response is advertising that is designed to get people to take an action. This action could be a call, visit, purchase, ask for a sample, attend a seminar, and so on. They don’t run institutional ads. They run advertising that is designed to produce a connection and a response from the reader, listener or viewer.

Secret #20: Building Trust

The most successful companies establish higher levels of trust building with clients. They know and study the factors in creating greater trust because they’ve learned that the greater trust they have, the faster people will buy, the more they will buy, the more often they will buy and the less they will negotiate. Their teams are more collaborative, follow their lead, and perform better as a result of this trust. Their team trusts them and the market trusts them at a higher level. The highest performing companies have the most trustfulness inside and outside

Secret #21: Strategic Leadership

The most successful companies have business owners that are strategic leaders. They aren’t arrogant; they are confident. They think about the future and they don’t get diverted doing day-to-day ‘heavy lifting’. They are the guiding force and captain of the ship. They don’t try and do unnecessary or low- yielding activities. Strategic leaders know their most precious asset is time and opportunity cost – and they don’t waste this. As the strategic leader, they have a clear-cut vision that everyone feels very comfortable following.



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