If you are thinking of leaving your job, there are 5 things you should do that will help you leave on a better note.

  • Be aware of the changes at work – Resigning from work is rarely an impromptu decision. It takes some time to finally come round to it. However once the process starts, demotivation is likely to set in. This is the time to recognise it, and intentionally focus on your work. You might even get an accountability partner. if you are still employed, it is good to simply deliver on the job.


  • Create a departure plan – Your departure plan should include
  • Starting a job-hunt process early before you resign and have a plan to ramp it up (if you don’t have another job you are moving to immediately). Ideally getting another offer in writing before you resign removes the risk of not getting another job on time.
  • Plan important deliverables that will make your boss and co-workers happy with you after you leave.
  • Create a good handover document. You will need your current employer’s references and a good handover will give you some good points for later.


  • Have something to pay the bills– If you are going to quit your job without another job offer in place, then you should have an income stream that you have been testing alongside your job at least six months before quitting. The stress of no income is huge. If you are planning to ‘faith’ it, you can deploy that ‘faith’ now to start making money on the side before resigning.


  • Craft your leaving story – You will be asked by everyone the reason for leaving your current employment. You should have an answer planned especially when you go for job interviews. If you don’t have a believable and positive response handy, you will hurt your chances of getting another job.


  • Stay Active – There is growing evidence that when people are in-between jobs, their value to a prospective employer drops. This is because if you were working, the employer will view you as ‘valuable’ compared to if you were out of work and available. While this is sometimes true, it doesn’t have to be true in your case. It has to do with how you manage your time and what additional value you are bringing to the new employer. In the past 3 months I have increased my value proposition that my asking salary has almost tripled. In a recent interview I had for a Digital Marketing role, I gave 4 points in my response to this concern.


  1. I just delivered a training for a Lagos State Parastatal
  2. One of the companies I consult for was featured in the Huffington Post.
  3. I am currently working with a subsidiary of First Bank on a project.
  4. I am available to start work immediately (as soon as I deliver my current projects)


The initial position was a Junior Digital Marketing role. By the time I was done at the interview, I declared I wasn’t a good fit because I am too experienced and too valuable, so the hiring manager, recommend me for the Head of Unit role. (Now, we’re talking).

Today, I will give you my resignation letter template to download.

I have also written side notes to show you the thinking / psychology behind the format of the letter.

Note: I left on very good terms with my former employer, such that my boss recommended me for another job (without my knowledge) to another company a week after I resigned.





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