Are you thinking about quitting your job? Please don’t quit yet.

In the past few years, I have seen the rise in the ‘fire your boss’ mantra and many more people are considering the option.

Let’s be clear, I am not one of those people that will tell you to fire your boss tomorrow, because it might be a very bad move.

For some people, a change of perspective is all they need to start loving their current jobs, and an intentional dose of personal & career development. (Tweet This)

But for some people, the set time is truly now! If that is you, my resignation letter template will become handy when you need to make the move.

This week, I will be writing about moving forward in your career, so stay tuned for the posts / emails coming your way.

I have been actively working for the past 13 years.

My first time of quitting a job wasn’t dignified.

I was in my late teens, and I was threatened by my boss because of my work permit conditions.

I was scared and even though I really needed the income from this evening job while at University, and I’ve been working in the organisation for about 5 years, one day, I woke up and decided not to go to work again. [It was a bad way to treat an employer, I have to admit].

The second time around, I was even more passionate about my first graduate job, then the credit crunch hit, and the projects I was working on as a consultant for Thames Water, UK simply dried out. The consulting company had no choice but to let me go. 6 months later, I was re-offered the job (but I had already moved on). The company eventually asked me to find my own replacement.

The third time was the most dramatic. I have told you the story before. Idara (at the time my girlfriend, now my wife) followed me to work on this particular day and was reading in a nearby library.

At about mid-day, I was escorted out of work and told not to return again.  I was even worried the Met Police would be waiting for me outside.

The next day, I was back at the same company, and was re-offered my job, the company paid for my legal fees, gave me a pay rise and wrote me the best letter of recommendation I have ever seen.

A few months ago, I left my job by officially writing a resignation letter for the first time.

It took me weeks to think, prepare and eventually write the resignation letter template I am going to share with you.

1 week after resigning from work, my boss recommended me for a job in another organisation.

I hope you can see a trend here, resigning or leaving a job is one part of the story, but your ability to leave a job gracefully and not hurt your career prospect in the process rides heavily on what you are doing on the job now! (Tweet This)

Tomorrow, I will share my resignation letter template and tell you 5 things you must put in place before you resign.

For today, leave a comment on the blog and tell me 3 things you like about your current job. This can be a difficult task for some, but try and see the positives and let’s start the week with positive thoughts.


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