Living a life guided by principles, values and faith is something I have enjoyed being part of.

Principles give you stability in a day to day environment. It helps define who you are… and helps confirm who you are not (in the long term). Yes, sometimes principles are challenged and sometimes you might not be able to live up to them… other times being principled can be detrimental to progress (but that’s because the world we live in does not understand them)
But overall it’s good to be principled ‘cos for the least, it saves you the drama of yo-yoing around like a headless chicken.

Values project you to a state of moral uprightness that helps you survive in a world where everything and anything has equal chances of happening.
Will the Diana inquest provide answers to the pressing questions? … Was it or was it not planned? After the
An 11 year old who has terrorized his community with top of the range anti-social behaviour cannot be jailed…..Because he’s less than 12 years of age.
My loved TV star… Kiefer Sutherland who plays counter terrorist agent (Jack Bauer) in the hit TV series 24 was jailed for 48 days, for drink driving.

Can anyone see values missing?

It surely feels good to utter the words;

“Family comes first” when you are faced with a choice involving your family.

“Work is a means to an end not an end in itself” when you are increasingly nursing a discontent with your purpose in life (to work or to live)…

“Charity begins at home” when your kids forget to act it out (Thank you, please, I’m sorry)….the magic words.

“I’m a man of integrity”…. When you are asked to play it fast…. Or cut corners.
You can put your hand up and say “my middle name is not Alonso”….. and if your first name is Alonso…. Ooooops ….. ma bad…. At least you are not a formula 1 driver.

Faith brings principles and values to a place of co-existence where the next day is an opportunity taken… not because you’ve seen it….but because you’ve lived it.

Faith tells our fears to have principles and our worries to have values….

If fear has principles like we do… we’ll respect each other and if worry has values like we do…. We’ll respect each other…..

Then I can say “Evil I will not fear… for I have the fear of God”…. Principled fear

And about my existence I will not worry…. Cos worry has values… and that is…..don’t come near me….

So everyday,


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