We all need prayers.

By the time I got to work this morning, I realised some of my colleagues lost about 7 people they knew on the Dana air plane that crashed.





Another colleague narrowly escaped as the plane almost crashed into their house. According to her, people around

thought the plane had landed on their house and they started calling her mum. Luckily for them, eye witnesses said the pilot got the plane back up just in time before it finally landed some hundreds of meters away. She said they did not know anything was happening, no sound from the plane as well because the engines were already off.






Over the weekend, there were reports of accidents for two days consecutively on the Lagos – Ibadan express way. It was  reported that 24 vehicles got burnt. 







Today, on my way back from work, a steel structure on the 3rd Mainland bridge collapsed. Thank God no body was injured.

On Sunday as well, many people lost their lives when a suicide bomber drove a vehicle into the church during service.

In the space of how many days, its been chaotic around here.

While I don’t particularly blog about the news as such, I knew this was beyond the ordinary. BUT we are not helpless or hopeless, NO, we have what it takes to stand and stand in the gap for this land.

Nigeria needs your prayers. Whether you are a citizen of this nation or not, I urge you to spend some few minutes to pray for this nation today!

I know of man who was meant to come on this same flight from Abuja with his family. Earlier in the week, he’d sent a mail to the members of the group he leads in church to pray against death. Instead of coming with the flight, he changed the ticket for him and his family. That was how God protected him and his family.

While we may not be able to explain every circumstance, while we may be quick to judge the companies that run the airlines, while we may be quick to dismiss Nigeria as a failed state, let us not forget that the devil comes to “steal, kill and destroy” but Jesus says he has come so we may have life and have it more abundantly!.

Your prayers will make a difference. So Pray!



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