Follow me on this story I re-created.

The board of directors decided that they needed someone to take up the role of a subsidiary CEO. The subsidiary is about to fold up, but they are looking for someone who can turn it around, its a last gasp attempt to remedy the subsidiary.

A meeting was held, and the GROUP CEO was asked to present his HODs to be interviewed and one of them be promoted.

The GROUP CEO made a selection and presented them to the board. HOD Finance, HOD Sales and Marketing, HOD IT, HOD Facilities Management, HOD Production, HOD Procurement, HOD HR . HOD Integrated Service. After a rigorous interview process, towards the close of day, the GROUP CEO knew he had presented the top ‘guys’ in the company.

Just before the end of the interview process, a member of the board highlighted that a position was created recently for someone to manage the welfare of the pets that the top level managers own. So he asked the GROUP CEO what level/position is that. The GROUP CEO replied, ‘well it didn’t fit into any of our existing departments,’ so we created the Pet’s welfare department, and he is the only one in that department. The board member then asked, does that mean he is the HOD of the Pet’s welfare department then? Technically yes, the GROUP CEO responded. So, why is he not here, asked the board member?

Quickly, the GROUP CEO sent for Dave, HOD Pet’s Welfare and Dave hurried back to appear in the meeting. You can imagine the state that Dave was in, just coming back from looking after pets. But it was undeniable that Dave was a cute guy. Needless to say, after the interview process Dave got the job.

Dave would have loved if he was dressed up for the occasion. I mean, it is a meeting with the Board of Directors, best shoes, and well ironed clothes, shaved, practiced interview questions, read more about the company, rehearsed his unique selling point (usp) etc.

But on the day of his manifestation, Dave was not the most prepared, at least not in the sense of it. (from 1 Samuel 16 – extensively paraphrased. It is a re-make of the story of the young David)

Folks, welcome to the Perspective Series.

The word for someone is “Your manifestation is coming faster than you can prepare for”. You don’t have to be sorry about it, you don’t have to be sad or feel bad about it, and you just may not be dressed for the occasion, because the real preparation is what you do every day, day in day out. It is who you are.  Perspective says, what they need, you already have!

I know preparation is crucial (right preparation that is).

Right Preparation + Opportunity = Manifestation (some people call it luck).

If I gave you a plane (which MTN Nigeria wants to do), and said ‘if you can fly it, it becomes yours. If you can’t fly it, give it back to me. If you can actually fly a plane, then it’s your lucky day. If you can’t fly a plane, you’ll miss out on the opportunity.  What we call luck, is what I define as ‘preparation before the time of use’.

But I also know there are people who are prepared, get the opportunity but still didn’t make good use of it, because they lack perspective. “My hair is not well done”, my cloth is not ironed, Let me wear a suit. Let me finish my MSc, let me tell my mum, I don’t have enough money, the Pet’s welfare department is my job, and I’m not going to look to the left or the right, what does the board want with me.

Obviously Dave didn’t give any of those excuses. He just showed up at the interview. Guess what, he got the promotion.

So I’m here to tell someone, your manifestation is coming faster than you can prepare for, just make sure you show up!

Don’t lose perspective at your lack of preparation.

I can give you one more example, a personal one. At 18yrs, I had the chance to be interviewed as one of the best students in my college in London with one of the best A levels results in the school. Local tabloids were meant to be present, pictures taken and all the other things that goes with it. But on the day of the interview, I did not show up, because I felt I was not prepared for the ‘aftermath’. I lost that chance that year. The following year, I was among the top students again, and though my circumstance hadn’t changed, I have grown and knew better, so this time I took it with open arms, and my picture even made it as an advert piece for students to come learn at that particular college.

I realised that my lack of preparation gave me the wrong perspective on what I did with the opportunity. After I’d already got the grade, proved myself and passed my courses, the wrong perspective ensured I did not show up the first time.

Your manifestation is coming faster than you can prepare for; just make sure you show up!

Wishing you a happy new month in advance!


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