Last year Sola Amusan (Citizenship Manager, Microsoft Nigeria) , Debo Ajayi (CEO, Endive Projects) and I were at Radio Continental to promote the Career and Employability Fair powered by Microsoft Nigeria as part of the organisers and facilitators.

We were given a 2 hour slot, and aside from laughing, saying hmmmm and nodding my head (which is unproductive on radio), I pitifully spoke for only about 1 minute at the end of the show while everyone else contributed meaningfully.

It was a mini-wake up call… more like a New Year resolution in May.

A few short years ago, I took pride in how my spoken English had really improved, and how I don’t speak Pidgin English.

However, on that day, I realised how important the ‘right’ language can be.

For ‘Wetin Dey’, a radio show that communicates mostly in pidgin, I was mute.

So I have been secretly learning some slangs mixed with the right pidgin words.

Yesterday after The Lighthouse Crossover service finished at 9:35pm, we had outdoor celebrations (Barbeque, Asun, Rice, Shawarma, Fish and Chips, drinks etc). It was fun.

Matthew, a tall, fair ‘ManofGod’ sneaked behind the ‘official’ queue for the Fish, and my new language came forth.

Matthew Park Well! I yelled…. in love.

You could see everyone around burst into laughter.

It’s pretty much the last thing they expected to hear from my mouth.

But I am in motion to take territories in 2016 (no matter what languages they speak).

This year, I will speak your language.

I will speak the language of the industries I play in.

I will speak the language of Love

I will speak the language of Family

I will speak the language of Fun

I will speak the language of Community

I will speak the language of Faith!

I will speak the language of Grace!

So Park Well and succeed this year.

What language do you need to speak in 2016?

Trainings, Certifications, Events, Projects etc are all languages of the Marketplace…. Speak them!

This morning, Ayo Owodunni, (Radio Continental) sent me a short funny video of Wale PowPowPow and Obus (Anchors for the Wetin Dey radio show).

I laughed!

Is fun a language you understand?

Well, I plan to speak more of it to you this year.

Here’s the short funny video to get you started

Happy New Year!

This year, you will be unveiled for the world to see your good works , God will strengthen you and you will be firmly planted in your God ordained location to blossom in Jesus name.

What’s No 1 on your achievement list in 2016? Leave a comment below

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