It was an hour flight from the city of departure to the city of arrival. I was picked up from the airport and had just entered the living room when I heard the voice coming from the dining table “I’ve got a date for you for valentine’s day”. I was caught by surprise but was enthused about the prospect of a Valentine’s date only to find out that it had been a joke. There was no date, and it was 25 hours to Valentine’s Day (not like it mattered).

Today is Val’s day and everything seems red, but actually not everything. I was at the cinema recently where I saw a promo video that said “Valentine has gone purple” – whaooo. The hype about valentine is big, and rightly so, many people look forward to Val’s day. Whether the aftermath results in a deep hole in pocket (guys) or a big filling in goodies (ladies), it seems RED is the colour for the day, so to the loved up couples, from me to you – HAPPY VALENTINES!

However, not everyone gets to enjoy the bliss of having a companion on Val’s day. So if you are one of those people, who for whatever reason (from just ditched, to long term researcher, to long distance, to still waiting) have not got a date for Val, these are 5 things that can came make you feel good for the day.

1.)    Organise a get together – It is highly unlikely that you are in this alone. Amongst your friends, there will probably be some of you who are in the same position as yourself, so why not organize a Val’s get together. Show love to your friends.

2.)    Go for a treat – It is not the end of the world not to have a date for Val. It is also a day of giving and taking and there is nothing wrong in you filling both positions. Be the giver and the taker. Grab a nice treat on your way home.

3.)    Have the right attitude – Try and understand that the whole world may be travelling on a different lane to yours today. So make a decision to have the right attitude. NO SULKING! Don’t look morose on Valentine’s Day, and definitely not say the typical “there is nothing to celebrate” because you are worth celebrating.

4.)    Take the red Polaroid off your face – Not all those loved up couples are having a rose(y) relationship. Don’t let your view be distorted to what really happens. Some of them will rather be in your position and that means “where you are” does not necessarily bring happiness. You have to work it.

5.)    You can also ask “why” – For some people they’ll rather not attempt to ask “why” have I not got a date for Valentine? And I totally agree with that. If you think asking “why” will do you more harm, then any of the 4 above or whatever else you choose is fine. But If you are the daring type, then asking “why” could be the relief you need and affirm yourself as a no nonsense lady/man that you are.

Happy Valentines!!!


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