For me, I saw a reduction in the time I spend meditating on the word of God, and He came to my rescue. God’s task for me was simple, He simply said “Stop jotting down sermons in church on Sundays, just listen. When you get back home, reflect back on the sermon, then starting writing about what you learnt”.

I have been struggling to do that well for the past 3 – 4 weeks. On my way from work last week, God whispered in my ears “Meditating on my word is key to enhancing your problem solving skills {paraphrased}”, then He showed me a few things that made me understand that when I meditate on God’s word, I become a problem solver.

As a Christian, there are many things we are encouraged and commanded to do that have spiritual benefits and also tangible, measurable physical benefits.

Unfortunately, we get caught in the religion and neglect spiritual exercises that are capable of positively transforming our physical lives. Or even we religiously do the spiritual stuff but don’t have any idea of how to make it have physical impact.

In my penultimate year at University, I started putting my CV together with Rob, a very dear friend. One of the skills we knew we had to put on the CV was problem solving skills. I was studying Civil Engineering with Business Management and Rob was studying Computer Engineering.

After university, problem solving skills became a must. And the hunt to find out exactly what this skill meant began.

I knew I had problem solving skills, 1.) Because I studied Engineering  2.) Because over time I knew my mind is one of my greatest assets.
I just didn’t have total control on how to use this great and necessary skill.

At almost the same time, I was growing spiritually especially with the responsibilities that I had.

Meditation is the spiritual dimension of problem solving. When you grow in meditation you become a spiritual problem solver.

Companies and organisations pay a premium for problem solvers (another name for them could be consultants in different fields)

Problem solvers make a great name and prosper. If you can solve a real life problem, you will be celebrated and/or rich.

Let me digress a bit.

I have no reason to employ you/or give you a contract if you are not positioned as a problem solver. Many young graduates (even experienced professionals) are looking for the ‘X – Factor’ they need to land their dream job. Well, I can give you one today; learn to be a ‘Problem Solver’.

Don’t go to an interview to be at the mercy of any organisation. If you have a proposed solution to a problem they face, the playing field is automatically tilted in your favour. You may not be able to solve the problem on your own, but finding and proposing a likely solution can be good enough.

Experienced recruiters can smell problem solvers a mile away.

After 3 months in a new job (as an intern on a placement), I had the opportunity to have a meeting with the head of the organisation with a female colleague on the same program. The meeting was to check our progress and how we are settling in the organisation. The meeting ended with us as problem solvers. A few weeks later, we were fully employed and went on to implement the proposed solutions. This was in the UK.

Now I am in Nigeria, I am replicating the same. I am just 3 months plus in my new job, and last week, I was involved in a presentation for Heads of department and training for other members of a department because myself and a colleague positioned ourselves as problem solvers.

This is what the bible tells me about problem solving.

Joshua 1:8

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.

This is one of the most direct links of meditation, problem solving and success.

Meditation as a Christian spiritual exercise is necessary to get the meat of the word of God. Revelation comes when you meditate. When you spend time churning the word, understanding and a desire to know more comes, the Holy Spirit begins to teach you. Then the word of God begins to open up, and you start living above and beyond.

For example When you understand that it is God that gives power to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18), you’ll appreciate the need to get God involved in your business transactions. And as you meditate, you begin to study more, examples start coming up, lessons learnt from others’ success and failures. And then you begin to understand that many people can claim to be wealthy, but what makes God- powered wealth is that “it adds no sorrow” (Proverbs 10:22). Praise God.

When you develop your meditation on God’s word, your physical problem solving skills get a huge lift. Because now you know how to make connections, now you know how to link different texts, now you know how to see ‘deep’ things’, your mind (a great tool for problem solving) becomes developed.

Start meditating on the word of God more, and your value in the Market Place will increase.

As for me, I am starting to meditate on a verse a day, plus I am taking the Sunday task seriously too.

I have been given the responsibility to teach people how to become problem solvers before, and it was a fun way to understand that God is truly the giver of wisdom.


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