In a recent email I got from Ramit Sethi, he shared what a former Facebook employee said about insecurity.

Noah Kagan’s founded two multimillion-dollar businesses. And he lives an amazing life enjoying himself around the world working from his laptop.

But what’s most interesting isn’t his success. It’s how he got there.

After getting an amazing job as employee #30 at Facebook, he faced one of the most difficult periods of his career.

Here’s what he said about working at Facebook.

“We all feel smart. So to be put in a place where every day I’m feeling retarded, like, ‘Wow, I am definitely the dumbest shit here,’ sucked. It sucked… But recently when I was thinking about it, that was my biggest growth period of my life. It was the biggest growth period because I was challenged the most.”

Insecurity is fascinating.

We hide it.

We beat ourselves up for it.

And to top it off, it seems like we’re the only ones who ever feel it.

And yet: It’s the times we feel most insecure that we grow the most lik Noah did.

If the average person felt that way at work, they’d probably quit.

But for top performers, it’s rocket fuel.

Because of the insecurity he felt at Facebook, Noah pushed himself harder than ever.

He became an amazing marketer. And because of that, he was able to get an even better job (#4 at less than a year later.

Then, just nine months after starting at, Noah finally used that fuel to turn his side hustle into a lucrative full-time business. And ever since, he’s worked for himself, living a life most people can only dream about.

So let’s talk about you. What is it you’re insecure about? And how can you use that to propel yourself to the next level?

Share in the comments below.

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