Some days ago, I was asked a question regarding purpose. The question was “what was my purpose for doing a particular thing?” which I duly answered.

On the train today, I was reading an academic paper on leadership, and that word “purpose” came up again, and I remembered some three words that I wrote in my diary some months ago – “LLS” (acronym).

When there is purpose, passion is well channelled.

When there is purpose, motivation will not be scarce.

When there is purpose, It is easy to find significance.

When there is purpose, life has a deeper meaning.

A yound boy could not wait for his ‘butterfly’ to hatch from its cocoon. A wise man told the young boy, when you see the butterfly struggling, don’t be tempted to help it. It has to make its way out to fulfil its purpose. Against the wise man’s warnings, the young boy saw the butterfly strugging to come out of its cocoon, and decided to help it. He helped break the coccon, the butterfly came out, but could not fly as its wings did not gain enough strength from the natural process. The butterfly came out, but could not fufil its purpose of flying and pollinating. The young boy was very dissapointed at his butterfly that could not fly, that could not survive, that will not fulfil its purpose.

I am not about to lecture you on “purpose” or tell you ‘again’ that we ought to live a life of purpose, but I want to share what I am starting to embrace as my new found arm of purpose.

Simply put, it is  LOVE>>>>LOVE>>>>SEEK

I am on a journey here on earth, and as I live my life, I am aware of the LLS principle.

LLS is my summary of purpose.

If someone should ask me now what my purpose in life is, I will happily say LLS.

LLS informs me of the “WHO”, shows me the “HOW” and tells me the “WHY”


For me, LLS is it…. THIS IS IT

How about you, what would be a summary of your purpose?


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