This month I picked up “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” by Stephen Covey to read. I’m still on the 100th page when the great man passed on at 80years of age. If you haven’t read the book before, this is an opportunity to pick it up. You can get it for an affordable price from Amazon.

Today, I want to quickly talk on PLANNING. I was reminded again on Sunday and it’s something we have to all get better at.

Planning is essential. Don’t substitute prayer for planning!
Good planning makes you to know the worth of what you have and eliminates the ‘not enough syndrome’
Good planning makes you resourceful and creative.

Things you must do to get a good chance of planning effectively

1.) You must learn to SIT – it is in the place of sitting that you are mentored. SIT to reason, to meditate, look for extreme situation. Plan for the worst and expect the best.

2.) You need INFORMATION – Research is an important aspect of planning. You need credible information. Assumptions are accepted as long as you don’t base very important decision on that. Costing is another area, the fact that you evaluate the cost does not mean you don’t have faith. Many times people abandon projects because they did not evaluate the cost. Don’t be blind to facts.

3.) You need to SEPARATE yourself – Take time out to meditate and think of things.  You can solve many problems in advance by being alone and thinking things through. Also appreciate the place of mentorship. So Separate yourself to be with people that can help you.

Enemies of Planning

1.) Blaming other people – Blaming others is like an easy thing to do but it also puts you perpetually as a victim of ‘everything’.  You become energised by being in control!

2.) Not enough syndrome – Leave the supply to God, you do the one u can do. God expects you to plan. Resourceful people plan with what they have. It’s easier to even pray when you know how much you need.

3.) People who are not going anywhere – Let me put it simply “Run away from them”. Ok, maybe that’s harsh, ‘flee from them’.  Proverbs 13:20

4.) The people that have no value for time – Rich people understand the time concept more. Time is money. Planning has a time element to it.

Quick note: I have learnt to write plans down, but I also realise that I plan extensively in my mind. This kind of planning is not visible to others, so all others see is my rapid speed of execution, seemingly without planning. While this works in some situations, it won’t in others. If you are part of a team, what is in your head is not known and hence ‘useless’ until it is written down. So learn to write plans down too.

5.) Work the plan – That’s a crucial part isn’t?.

Question: How do you go about your plans?

You can share your best practices with others.


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