Today is the day to make the change that you need, even if it means going back.

I had to do a re-post of this writeup because I believe someone will be blessed again by it.

Let  not you heart be troubled, let it not be afraid.


it’s time to go back… 

How far are you willing to travel on the wrong path before you decide to go back? 

It was a lovely evening coming back from an exciting function when someone offered to drop me at home. We drove on the motorway for a few minutes until we came onto an A-road. A few miles ahead was the exit we needed to get to my house, but for some reason we missed it. Immediately we were travelling on the wrong road leading up to a motorway at 60mph. It took another 20 minutes before we reached the next exit and was able to go back. 

Travelling on the wrong path in life is costly. In fact it is sometimes so costly that it takes away any motivation to go back, and for many, to cut losses means to keep travelling down the same old wrong road. 

For some, the humiliation of travelling back, facing the young ones coming behind, facing colleagues you’ve outgunned, loosing more time, effort and resources to make the “go back” journey is very hard to swallow. 

But some people have made these journeys though, and you may just find the strength you need in their stories to make a turn around. 

Moses was a slave born in Egypt, but at just 3 months old, he found himself in the palace, adopted by the King’s daughter. As an adult, Moses knew his roots, and tries to defend his people who are still slaves while he enjoys royal treatment as a son of the king. His determination to help resulted in murder. He killed an Egyptian, went on the run and became a fugitive. Moses was born to save, and he thought he had blown his chances, but after 40 years travelling the wrong road, at the age of 80years, HE WENT BACK TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE. 

I don’t know his name, but this is another story of a man who decided to go back. At a young age, he demanded his own share of his inheritance from his father’s wealth. After much insistence, his father gave him his inheritance. This young man left home (left his brother and father) and went to a foreign country. There he blew (spent) all his money. His new friends deserted him since he is now poor, he had no where to go to and no where to live. Later he joined himself to a citizen of the country and worked in a pig farm. Things got so bad he started eating pig’s food. But a point came when he decided that it was time to go back. These were his words “Even the servants in my father’s house enjoy much more than this”, so he said to himself “I will get up and go back to my father…” He did just that and when his father saw him from afar off, the father was moved with compassion and ran towards him to welcome him back home. 

Joseph was a man that was hard done by his brothers. As a teenager, he was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He became a slave in a foreign land, went to prison for a crime he did not commit, but God always had a plan for him (the same way he has a plan for you). Joseph later on became the prime minister in the foreign land and 13years after he was sold, his brothers showed up. Only this time around, they were at his mercy as they were dying with hunger and need to buy food for their families. The hurt and pain was real for Joseph, he had suffered, been humiliated, and left to die, but he put all that aside, and went back to his brothers with LOVE. If the road to his position was tough, then revealing himself to his brothers was very tough, but he went back and gave them more than food. He relocated them to the best land available in the country. 

How about you? 

What are you running from? 

I did a poem at my workplace titled Love: The first step to forgiveness 

An excerpt from it read 

“Why, why do we harbour the hurts and burns that makes us abhor each other. 

Why do we engage in revenge that prevents the healing of past events… 

Why don’t we erase the memories that eats us up on the inside, 

feasts on our intenstines and on the outside, 

look at you, seems you’ve been sprayed with insecticides 

burns and infections on every side.” 

Truly, it is time to go back. Ignore the failure signs, let go of your ego, turn aside from the past mistakes and see the bush that is burning that is not really burning. 

It is time to go back to God 

It is time to go back to your spouse and make things right. 

It is time to fan the flame of your gifting and bring back the glory days. 

It is time to face those difficult decisions, brace yourself for the consequences and learn from past mistakes. 

It is time to see beyond your limitations and press on the upward way. 

It is time to stop the blame game, and take responsibility for your life. 

It is time to embrace life, stand on the podium of optimism, let out a cry of positivity, punch the air with vigor, showcase the strength of youthfulness, and take off to the place you need to be. 

It is indeed time to go back to what it is that will give you success, propel you forward and catapult you to greater heights. 

Isaiah 30:15 “…In returning and rest you shall be saved…” 


What are you deciding to go back to that will make your life better?. Share your story.


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