Go ahead and read my “Thank God list” and my “I want for my birthday list”

In a few hours time, I will be jumping and shouting for joy to God for adding another year to my life.

This past year has been phenomenal and I didn’t quite expect the ease that came with so many things. There were disappointments and a whole lot more appointments.  I have two lists in this post. 1.) For the things I’m thanking God for 2.) For the things I want God to do for me.

I started the year in faith. I just did not know what the year will look like, but every step of the way; I was achieving milestones, right from January all the way to December.

Let me let you in on some of the achievements

1.)    I stepped into Nigeria for the first time in 7 years

2.)    I successfully lived in Lagos for a year for the first time in my life (and stress free too)

3.)    I celebrated Christmas with my parents for the first time in 10years

4.)    Right from when I was a teenager, I’d wanted to drive my parents, well I did in 2011

5.)    My speaking career got off to a great start

6.)    I started my own business

7.)    I am making new set of friends

8.)    I still kept in touch with you guys on Mind and Mouth (that is a major priority)

You see, I have so much to thank God for.

This list however won’t be complete if I don’t pen the things I’m expecting God to do for me for my birthday. At least you can join in me prayers for them (Great)

1.)    I’m finishing my NYSC in Nigeria in about 3 weeks, and I want a job in Oil and Gas (That’s not a joke, and has nothing to do with fuel subsidy) – good birthday present

2.)    I want a Galaxy Tab 8.9 inches

3.)    I want more Wed Design/Development Contracts/projects

4.)    I want to publish my first book (By the way the manuscript is ready)

5.)    I want to help 3 people achieve a part of their short term dream this month. (You can go through my profiles online and contact me if you think I can be of assistance in anyway)

So in less than 24 hours, don’t forget to pray for me and wish me a Happy Birthday!.

I’ll be expecting.


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