Have you heard of the Verizon tab?

Some are saying in terms of optimization for this region and its functionality, It is better than an Ipad.

I am sure you have heard a lot about the Ipad, so hold that thought about how fantastic the Ipad is, and then compare it with this 7 inch Verizon Tab, that has:

1.)    8gb of internal memory expandable to 32gb

2.)    Full 3G sim card capability

3.)    Moving files between the Tab and your PC is a bliss with USB adapter provided

4.)    Connect your external hard drive to the tab

5.)    Comes with HDMI Cable that allows you to connect the tab to your TV or Projector (Very Nice)

6.)    Cable that plugs directly into a PC or Laptop

7.)    Comes with Ms Office to create and Edit Ms Office Suite documents

8.)    You can watch DSTV directly from the Verizon Tab (This requires a Drifta)

9.)    Comes preoaded with Children Educational Materials and games

10.)  Runs on Android Ice Cream

11.)  Access to Google Play Apps with 500,000+ Applications and games

12.)  It has Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Mi-fi

13.)  You can create a Wifi hotspot around you for other people to connect to internet

14.) You can also use a 4G dongle to access internet if you don’t have subscription on your 3G sim card.

15.) About 7 hrs Battery Life

16.) 12 Months Warranty

Plus many more incredible benefits and it is A LOT cheaper than the Ipad

Click here http://goo.gl/pNyGA to get the Full explanation and the PRICE!

 You can thank me later for showing you this 🙂

Click here http://goo.gl/pNyGA to check out the Verizon Pack Offer and also get the price.

When I saw this, I laughed!


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