There was this guy I knew from Secondary school who is a genius. Actually I knew many of them like that. They were part of a boy band called Solid Rock Voices and I was the Song Coordinator in the group (This was before I knew how to chase Idara and before my voice cracked. lol).

Since those days many years ago, Tolu Odu, has been a rock solid friend and brother from the same Father. I am not entirely sure about the mother part, because God is the father I am referring to.

Tolu sends me inspiring God-focused messages, aside from the deep stuff about work, women and the world at large that we discuss.

In fact, I recently applied for a scholarship place at Stanford MBA (my dream Uni) and Tolu was my ‘go to guy’. He turned my personal statement around with his finesse touch.

Tolu will be regularly writing on the Mind and Mouth platform, while I spend some more time writing poems for Idara. Lol (I was just kidding about that last part).

For good reason, Tolu wants to be writing about God, and I think that is cool, but Tolu isn’t a ‘Pastor’. He will introduce himself shortly and what he wrote about himself is pretty ‘Churchy’ and I don’t mind, but Tolu is also a Marketplace Missionary who is a trailblazer in the Project Management Industry.

Here from Tolu Odu

As I took a short walk the other day, I realized that I am very of my Father. I am proud to be aligned and associated with Him – this is who I am. I want to know Christ. My deepest desires are centered on the process of becoming Christ like.

I am no doubt a deeply flawed man who is very much in process. My understanding of grace, effort, and dependency on God has taken a very real edge as I stumble and God catches me on this journey.
I am very excited about sharing my journey and what I am discovering. In addition, I am very excited to learn from you all
My background is around IT (software, analytics, etc.) and Project management. I am easy going (at least I like to think of myself this way lol) and a jester at times
It is an honor to share my musings with you. I pray the Holy Spirit will be your teacher, now and always
I am Tolu Odu. I go way back with my friend and brother, Emmanuel, who has been gracious to provide this platform for me and many others.
To the King immortal, invisible, and wise, and the eternal King, to Him, the only true God, be all praise and glory forever and ever
You see what I mean?
Go ahead and welcome Tolu Odu to Mind and Mouth.

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