A knowledge of the future and/or an understanding of what tomorrow holds makes life a live-able adventure. – FACT

Some people do not believe in God or any higher being, but they admit to the limitations in their knowledge… both natural and scientific.

One of our major deficiencies is our inability to accurately predict the future. The closest we’ve got is what is termed “calculated risk”….. and the scale goes towards “total uncertainty”. (We just don’t know what will happen tomorrow)

This undeniable hole in our intelligence has driven us to harness the latent energy in our past to get an estimate of the future through a process called “Future Projection”.

Some of us however come from the school of thought that the future is somehow predetermined…. And hence all we need do is get access through the God that knows this future.
In a nut shell, the future is what each and every one of us would like to know for one reason or the other. Be it to know who to marry, where to live, what course to take, what company to work for, what company to invest in, what country to live in, or what things to do to get immunity from all the crisis that surrounds us. AND EVEN TODAY WHAT PARTY TO VOTE FOR


Another dimension to this writing is the concept of “change.”
A common realization is that “change” is not something we readily embrace.
I’ll split “change” into different categories to help explain its relevance in this write up.

Natural change: These changes occur and we don’t have any power over them. An example will be physical growth. You can get your hair trimmed every fortnight but that doesn’t make you a baby…. Let’s face it… You could be very old…

Compulsory change: With this type of change, there is an option of not changing, but limitations exist that makes not changing an unreasonable choice. An example will be a change undertaken in the case of survival. Being overweight or having bad habits will have damning outcomes… so change kind of becomes compulsory… least for your own good. Today’s elections bring a choice of change, but ultimately it is your choice that will determine the change.

Enforced change: This change happens when you’re subject to a higher authority. A company changing its modus operandi requires all staff to comply irrespective of their opinions. Failure to do so might mean you’ll have to go and start your own business (I mean get the sack).

Willing change: Changes we choose to undergo without any external prompting. Like me deciding to build some muscles (ok….probably for the lady)


One of the reasons for our defiance to change is the presence of risk and uncertainties about the future effects of the change in question.
My decision to build muscles might put me in an enviable position where I’ll have ladies swarming around me (more than I can handle) lol…. (I wish).

Take the NHS for example…. The changes they’ve undergone have not been productive enough and Labour might just loose the next election on account of changes gone wrong.

Many People remember what life was like during the last Conservative government, and are not short of vowing to never go back there again.

“Casual, laid back, mediocre and no promise” seems to be the words that has described the Lib Dems for a while, and no confidence from people is the tale.

Since assuming office, President Obama has been a champion for change. Just recently, he passed into law a remarkable change in the health care system of the US, however, only time will tell how it will fair.

Change becomes relatively easy to undergo if  two factors are taken care of : When you can accurately determine when change will become 1.) beneficial  2.)  detrimental.

The elimination of the factors of risk and uncertainty is what I term INSIGHT


During my undergraduate days, I was required to participate in a group project whereby we were given the freedom to choose the people we would like to work with.

Over the past two prior years , I’d been privileged to work with an intelligent group of people and our results spoke for us. So it was with great ease that I decided that my former group would be the answer to my latest project.
But it wasn’t meant to be. I was led by God not to continue with a tried and tested team, who hasn’t wronged me and instead join another group whose credentials are nowhere to be confirmed.

I did and about 5 weeks into the project and Icould say my “fear of the unknown” was the biggest hindrance in joining the new group.

Where I come from …they say
“It is short sightedness that makes you think your father’s farm is the largest…. If you visit other people’s farm, yours might just be average”.And the new group depicted this. They had a different way of doing things and admittedly a lot better than I was expecting.
In those few weeks, I had, through the influence of my new team experience things I may never get an opportunity to experience if I’d stayed where I was, benefiting from the term “Blessing by Association”.


“If I’d known about these wonderful blessings, I wouldn’t have hesitated joining this group from the word go”
If I’d had some “insight”, the decision would have been easier.

And that is the highlight of this article… if we can find a reliable source of insight….folks; it is the beginning of a better life.

I know someone that knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46 vs 9-10)
Not just that…..He knows me right from before I was conceived in my mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1 vs 5)

If this person knows so much about me, what part of my life (past, present, future) will He not know?
I thought deeply about this question and the answer I could come up with is “None”… He knows everything concerning me.
All I need to do is continually obey his instructions ….even those ones concerning change…..And bang I’ll be walking with Insight.

He said …..“The thoughts he has towards me are not of evil but of good. To give me a future and a hope….(Jeremiah 29 vs 11)

As I patiently rely on His full knowledge, I can start living an “uncertainty free and risk free” life… i.e. the next friend I’ll make will be pointed out to me….
That’s what I call Insight…. Obeying God

The section headings of this article reads:


If you truly desire to side step the uncertainties of your life, then you can take this as an invitation to come and meet the God who fashioned your life before you came to be.

Let God Be The Leader of Your Life, He can use anyone in No 10 to fulfil His purpose!!!!!!!


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