I am still born again, just in case you are wondering.

A big shout out to Matthew who is getting married to the beautiful Omojo in a few days (check out their wedding website)

Matthew was my best man and followed me all the way to Akwa Ibom.

(And he was almost gifted a wife, but for Omojo’s unshakeable impact… Nice one girl!).

When Idara (my wife) showed me the song list for my wedding, the born again in me rose up to fight.

You mean limpopo  is on my song list?


Obviously I calmed down, made sure I had a ‘gospel’ song for our first dance but happily danced limpopo  as the entrance song to the reception.


In fact, I out danced this beautiful wife of mine.

Wanna see a video?

I did not only accept the song list, I added a song to the list too.

It was the song I planned to sing immediately the plane touched down in Uyo.

Being a Yoruba guy and doing a ninja style move to pluck the beautiful rose in Uyo, I was definitely new in town.

Guess which song it was?

Yep. You got it!

See, I’m new in town, I like when you rotate.  Baby rotate.

I guess officially, I should ask for forgiveness of sins, but it was two years ago when that ‘bad’ song came up.

Except after spending this past 4 weeks in Uyo on a ‘short’ holiday, I feel like telling my wife ‘because of you girl, I’ll relocate’. (Genesis 2:24)



Easter is around the corner, and you should be laughing (or at least smiling now) which is a good time to tell you that

You Are Not Guilty!

Every sin you have committed, you are committing, and will ever commit has already been paid for.

You cannot ‘out sin” God’s Grace and Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross for you.

This is an important message for you this Easter.

Anytime you are ready to come home, the Father is running out to meet you with arms open wide, a party to throw and new life to give.

I know we sometimes like the adrenalin of returning, but there is famine, poverty, lack, stress and so much more out there…. Not leaving home is always the better decision.

The Lighthouse has started a 40 Days Easter Campaign with some beautifully designed graphics infused with scriptures. See Day 7 and Day 8 below.


You can also download all 40 Days design in 4 clicks. (Click Here to get started)


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