Cadie Kalmes is a Stay at home mom with 3 small kids, 2 little boys and a beautiful little girl.  She has become a wise business woman and she recently shared her story for the world at a live DFI Event.  Her experience with Coastal Travel proves what is possible.  When you have a support structure and a team there with you step by step like DFI and Coastal Travel it makes creating a lucrative income from home much more simple.  Working with Cadie I’ve learned that any stay at home mom/or even anyone for that matter  who is willing to learn and be dedicated 15-20 hours can have a lucrative home business. Click here to watch her 3 minute testimony

Cadie recently won the Leadership Council Ring for her dedication and desire to help others achieve success. Cadie not only has created a lucrative home business for her self with Coastal Travel but she’s also helped a ton of other people develop their own Coastal Travel income to a lucrative home business. For her dedication she qualified for the Leadership Council Ring.

Working with Cadie and many other entrepreneurs at DFI/Coastal Travel has been amazing. Their integrity, leadership and results speaks for itself. I am sure there is nothing wrong in being a stay at home dad (when the kids come) or a rich self sponsoring student, or an extra rich worker with a 9 – 5 job, or a volunteer that is devoted to their passion!.

Whatever your situation is, if you want your financial freedom story, then here is a good place to begin. Click on the HOME BUSINESS tab on the website.

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