On Wednesday, Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Day Star Christian Centre) preached on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the spirit from 1 Corinthians 12. I enjoyed the service and came away with this fact: ‘I need to be drunk’.

A film that came to mind is Jackie Chan’s drunken Master. If you have seen the films, you’ll get a glimpse of what spirit can do. But I don’t just want to be drunk with any spirit. I want to be drunk in the Holy Spirit (Hallelujah).

I know some of you feel uncomfortable right now with the word ‘drunk’ being used in a God context, I totally understand, so let’s open our Oxford Advanced Christian dictionary and find a synonym for drunk…. and that is … ‘filled’.

So when you are drunk, I mean filled, in the Holy Spirit, exploits follow.

When the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the book of Acts 2, the bible recorded that the people that heard them thought they were drunk with wine because they did and said incredible stuff. Peter, a timid fisherman stood before a large crowd, addressed them, and 3000 people got saved that same day.

The things that they could not do before, when the Holy Spirit came on them, they started doing.

So I realised that for me to operate in the realm of God’s promises and blessings for me, I needed to get beyond the limitations of physical circumstances by faith.

While at University, I had friends that drink alcohol (I still have them). In Birmingham, one of the very wild nights at Oceana night club is Vodbull. Vodbull as the name sounds is the flagship drink of the night, a mixture of Vodka and Redbull. Although I never tasted it, I know what the result is on people that take too much of it. On one of such nights out with my friends (and a rare one that I went at that), we were heading home. (They prefer to have me around because I am probably the only level headed person at the time) and I was surrounded by some slightly drunk and some very drunk people. One of their exploits included removing a direction cone from the middle of the road and putting it on their head. Another carried the advert board from a store and was determined to take it home. Another decided that the middle of the road is the new pedestrian walkway. Another engaged me in conversations that I couldn’t make good sense of.  I really laughed at how daring they became.. and to them impossible meant nothing.

I have a better approach, an approach that will deliver my destiny into my hands, make the world a better place, help people, live for God and live above limitations, but I have to be drunk too. I have to be drunk in the Holy Spirit.

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can demand the salary that God has promised me from my employers.

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can go and prepare a new room full of kid’s stuff though I’m yet to get pregnant in many years.

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can act on God’s promise and leave my current job to wait on him for the next step.

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can prepare for a wedding when no one had proposed to me yet.

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can walk to someone and say God said!

It is only when I am filled (drunk) with the Holy Spirit that I can truly understand that ‘impossible is nothing’

It is my year of Miracles, Word and Wonders, and Increase … and I need to be very drunk to live like it.

Will you join me in getting drunk this year? I am not there yet, but I know I need to get to know the Holy Spirit like never before, His Person, His gifts and His presence!

Good morning Holy Spirit!


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