I am excited!!!!

Like jumping up excited.

Let me tell you the background story.

Last year, I had my first exposure to Competency Assessment. I knew it was going to add value to my former employer and company processes if I go through the training and implement it at work, so I requested to be sent on the training.

It was declined, so I flipped my request.

I then asked for leave with no pay, and I funded my trip out of Lagos for the training.

After the training, I came back to work and started the process of implementing Competency Assessment at work.


6 weeks ago, my mentor (who trained me on competency assessment) noticed how I got on well with it and decided to invite me to join him in running ‘high-level’ Competency Assessor’s training for ExxonMobil.

Like a kid expecting a Christmas present, I was waiting excitedly for the day. It was moved a few times, and the day came today.

Here’s a joke. I got to the training venue, did all the setup and watched as the time clocked 8am to start the training. I felt really good; the only problem was there was no one to train.

None of the delegates turned up and my mentor called around wondering why no one had turned up.

In my mind, I was going to ‘speak in tongues’ and bring them from wherever they are… even if they are still offshore. (lol)

We later found out that they were all sitting in a different hall because the hotel receptionist directed them to the wrong room.

As I saw them walk in, my heart started beating faster. It was beating so hard, it gave me headache.

Then suddenly I calmed down, because the least experienced person in the training has 14 years of continuous work experience with ExxonMobil. Fear wasn’t going to help me get through this, being calm would do.

Cut the long story short, my session came after lunch, and I pretty much delivered!!!

If you know me very well, I am humble, at the same time, I am not short of words when I feel like I did a good job (or a bad job).

Today, I did a fab job.

I made my mentor proud, and looking to improve my delivery even more from his comprehensive feedback.

I am quickly garnering a reputation for good training and presentation delivery.

Over the past few weeks I have:

>>> Trained LSDPC (Lagos State Development and Property Corporation) on Digital Marketing – Because I am an expert in Digital Marketing.

>>> Facilitated the CV Writing Workshop for Microsoft Nigeria at the Career and Employment Fair 2015 – Because I get incredible results for my clients on CV Writing and Career Coaching.

Ibukun Onitiju - Regional Training Manager - Fistolas Limited
Ibukun Onitiju – Regional Training Manager – Fistolas Limited

>>> Consulted for Morin-o who was recently featured in the Huffington Post.

>>> Anchored a business summit @ The Lighthouse this past Sunday (Someone likened me to Richard Quest on CNN.. lol.. #i’lltakethat)

>>> Trained ExxonMobil Staff today

>>> And currently Nominated as an Outstanding Young Person in Nigeria by Junior Chambers International. (Have you voted yet? Click Here To Vote).

Why did I tell you about these juicy achievements in one single post?

1.) Because if you haven’t been paying attention, I think you should start. I don’t intend to just spam your inbox or give you something else to read, I intend to add value to you because I am constantly developing myself and looking for opportunities to share my experiences that you can also learn from.

2.) Because while I work hard, I also play VERY HARD (and many people close to me call me unserious)… And I am a bit ‘lazy’. So in my next post, I am going to share 3 things you should focus on in the remaining months of this year to still be a high achiever while being ‘lazy’.

Your turn, share your most remarkable moments and achievements this year. Let’s celebrate you.


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