It has been an amazing week on many fronts.
I want to share something that happened to me yesterday with you, and I’ll give you a chance to share something positive that happened to you too.

I was stranded

An emergency came up yesterday which meant I couldn’t leave my location until I got a green light to leave. I needed to go to the bank because I don’t have any ATM cards at the moment (Another story for another day).

I eventually got the green light at 3:58pm but it was too late to go to the bank.So I had no money, needed to make an urgent purchase and time was running out.
I started thinking of who I can transfer money to online, that will withdraw it and bring it to my location, considering that rush hour was in full swing.

As I finished that statement, an unknown number called me.

Unknown: Hi,

Me: Hello

Unknown: Hi Ibukun, this is Omolara from NSE

Me: Hi Omolara, how are you doing? Hope you are good?

Omolara: Yes, I wanted to tell you that I have 15K to give to you. I forgot to give it to you the other day.

Me: Oh, great!. Where are you?

Omolara: I am at the Secretariat.

Me: Ok. I will see you now!

Omolara: Ibukun is everything ok?

Me: Yea, sure, but make sure you don’t leave, I am on my way.

Omolara: Oook. You must really need this money.

Me: Yes, I do. It is a miracle.

So I jumped into the car and drove down to meet her.

Me: Omolara, thanks. This is a miracle.

Omolara: Really?

Me: Yes. I will tell you what happened.

So I explained my side of the story, then she told me hers.

Omolara: Whaoo. I just came back from the bank and your money has been with me since Tuesday.
Me: Ok.

On Tuesday, I was part of the team that anchored an event for my NSE Branch.

Omolara: I asked Olamide to help me find your number, but she has misplaced her phone, and I couldn’t ask the Chairman because I should have given it to you. So I asked someone to look through the register to find your name and phone number. The person said she couldn’t find it. I eventually took the register and looked through myself until I found it and gave you a call.

Me: That is surely a miracle. You went through that stress to get my number.

God knows I needed the cash, and there is an Omolara somewhere who allowed God to work through her.

It is my prayer for you that help will come speedily when you need it IJN.

Share your positive highlight in the comment.


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