Birmingham UK, 2007

I’d been having issues at work.

Commitments that year at University was taking its toll, and affecting my work.

Late lectures and tutorials meant I got to work later than scheduled.

My boss was having none of it, so one day She told me not to come back AGAIN! (i.e FIRED)

Then I did ONE THING that made her cry and she employed me back.

If you’ve been following my blog and reading my emails for a while you will know that I am an advocate for self development, excellence, diligence, making an impact and doing your work very well.

It is true all those things will set you up for success in your professional and business life.

What I am not sure I have told you enough times is that all those things sometimes FAIL!


Your education and experience will FAIL.

Your logical mind will FAIL.

Your preparations, dotted Is, crossed Ts will be undone.

Life will throw you a curve ball.

And when it does, I have a secret I use to turn things around in my FAVOUR!

This whole week, I’m going to balance the two, and share some deep secrets with you.

You have a choice whether to believe them or not.

Immediately I got fired, I called PE (Short for Pastor Eddie), but I eventually spoke to PB (short for Pastor Bola, PE’s wife)

From memory, PB sounded like she was on the train when I spoke with her. I narrated my story, and told her I was jobless.

What do I do? I asked.

Her response wasn’t just ridiculous, it was outright unintelligent.

Then she went off the phone.

Ok. You mean I should ….

And exactly what will the outcome be?

PB, in a nonchalant but believable way asked me to send my boss an ‘I’m sorry card.’

What PB did not know was my boss already told me NOT to say I’m sorry to her again.

When you get fired, sending I’m sorry card doesn’t really make sense.

I believed and obeyed (Thank God for that).

I went online (because I am not allowed at work again), ordered the card and posted it to work.

Then I waited anxiously for the result of this seemingly stupid act.


A few days later, I got a call from work and got my job back.

Later I heard the story that when she got my card, she busted into tears because she couldn’t remember the last time she got a card from anybody.

I am here to tell you that there is power in the PROPHETIC WORD!

I don’t know what your background is with God and with Church, but I am aware people can give random meanings and random feelings are attached when they hear things like ‘Prophetic Word’.

But in my simple understanding and multiple experiences, a Prophetic Word activates divine help such that when all else fails, it creates the solution to my problem, irrespective of my ability or weakness. It works more when there is a dogged unwavering belief in God, His Word and the House / Church / Christian Community / Pastor that God has planted you in.

Ope and Shyl needed a college to attend in London, so I took them to my previous college where I did my A Levels.

When Charlie, the almost 70 year old Maths Teacher saw me, he was so excited he took me around the classes to introduce me.

He said something like this

“Give Ibukun only 5 minutes and he will …. “

To be continued on Wednesday.


Today, please do me a favour, I want you to share a Prophetic Word testimony that you have experienced where beyond your abilities, God used something that doesn’t make intellectual sense to give you a breakthrough.

Share your story in comments.


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