Please raise your hand if you’ve ever sent an e-mail that put your job on the line and you wished you never sent it?

Once you hit send, a certain panic mode erupts making you scan through every word of the mail hoping that you haven’t made a big mess of yourself, your boss, your company or your career.

Not long ago, I received an e-mail from an ‘employee’ requesting a client to fix a date for the party.

He actually meant a meeting, but I guess he’s in a party mood. It was close to disaster.

Another e-mail immediately followed with apologies.

Here’s the question on every e-mail writer’s mind. (Without the swear words. Lol)

e-mail recall

Leo from has given an in-depth response to this answer.

The short answer is NO!

But there are some exceptions. (and good news)

One of them is what I want to show you in this post.

 Welcome the Gmail ‘Undo Send’ Function

I’ve been using gmail for more than 10 years including the free Gmail and the paid Google Apps business platform.

Gmail gives you a few seconds after hitting send to change your mind and ‘un-send’ the e-mail.

The ‘Undo Send’ function must be enabled before you can recall an email.

How to Enable Recall (Undo Send) Feature in Gmail

Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account

Step 2: After successful login click on the geared icon on right top corner and then click on settings. (See below image)



Step 3: Click the Labs tab and find the ‘Undo Send’ lab. Select Enable and click on “Save changes”. (See below image)



Step 4: After you have enabled the “Undo Send” feature, you can select the amount of time you have to undo sending a message (up to 30 seconds). Click on the Gear Icon, select Settings, go to General tab, scroll down to find “Undo Send” label and select your cancellation period. Click on the Save Changes button.



How to use the recall or Undo Send feature

After sending an e-mail, a highlighted ‘undo’ link will be displayed at the top of the page, click on it and the message with will be returned back to the editing screen.



Now you can be rest assured that if an e-mail isn’t meant to go out, after hitting send, you can still save the day with the ‘Undo Send’ feature in gmail.

Question: Ever been in a situation like this? How did you remedy the situation?







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