Let me ask you a question: What will an extra N50,000 in income do for your this month?

Maybe it’ll help you pay off some bills, DSTV for a few months, Save towards a vacation, new clothes and shoes, toys for your kids or even to support your chosen Charity or your local church.

If an extra N50,000 this month will ease some of your financial obligation, then I want you to pay close attention.

Have you heard of Dealdey?

Dealdey is a Nigerian based ecommerce site with a difference. Featured on TechCrunch, Dealdey has given everyone who cares to know an opportunity to make money, a lot of it too [with very little effort]

Dealdey is a website where people can enjoy great discount on things to do and buy including restaurants, salons, fun and gadgets.

If you refer someone to the site and the person buys a deal, you will earn N2,000. So, imagine if 25 of your friends buys a deal at Dealdey this month?

You will be N50,000 richer and they will save a great deal too.

Imagine you can do this, month after month after month.

Here are the steps to follow to Make N50,000 on DealDey This Month:

1.) Go to www.dealdey.com  and sign up for your Free Dealdey account 

2.) Click on the “Earn N2,000” image at the top – Looks like this

Enable images

You will see your unique referral link

3.) Send (Mail, BBM, Whatsapp etc) your unique link to 50 of your friends. Ask them to register. You can even send a deal you know they’ll like to them. Be nice and show them how they can also make money too.

4.) You can also be sharing your unique link on social media.

5.) Cross your hands and wait for the reward. Although you sent the link to 50 of your friends, lets assume only 25 of them responded and made a del, you will still earn N50,000 this month.

Note: Don’t just give up. Do this for 30 days and if you do not make any money, you can decide not to do it again. 

Give it a try – Register on Dealdey


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