Lucy was born in 1933.

A beautiful young lady, she got married when she was 18 years old.

9 years into the marriage, tragedy struck as her husband died when she was only 27 and left her with the 3 boys. Lucy made a decision not to marry again, instead she devoted her time to raising her 3 boys to be the best they can be.

In 2016, Lucy turned 83 years and she stayed true to her commitment.

Lucy trained and qualified as a fashion designer and later went to qualify as a teacher. She devoted her life to her family, the community and the church.

Lucy was called home to glory in 2016 and laid to rest on Christmas Eve.

One after the other, people talked about how Lucy

  • Picked them from the street, brought them into her house, provided for and trained them
  • Older women talked about the skills and motherhood traits they learnt.
  • Her 3 boys who are now Engineers & a Doctor living in different countries across the world talked about their mother who did everything she could to ensure they turned out great.
  • Her daughters-in-law (married to her sons) shed tears and recounted how you cannot miss morning devotion with Lucy.
  • Her grandchildren remembered vividly the games she played with them, the memory verses she shared and even remembered her favourite bible passage and hymn.
  • The church was grateful for one of their active members who didn’t allow sickness to stop her from taking an active role in church for many years.

On Christmas day, during the thanksgiving ceremony, it was announced that Lucy willed every last kobo in her account to the Church she loved, served and was committed to.

She is remembered for good things.

I met Lucy 3 years ago, @80 years when I took the journey to marry her grand-daughter and I am wowed at her strength, focus and determination.

Your life is important and one day we will all be called back ‘home’.

Live life to the fullest.

It is the start of a new year, 365 days with 365 new opportunities. One thing that has helped me in planning for the new year is simply asking this one question.

It helped me focus on my priorities and align my plans in 2017 to my legacy.

How do I want to be remembered? By:


My Spouse: 

My Children:

My Parents

My Friends

My Colleagues.

Here’s an abridged version of mine:

That I walked with God, loved and supported my wife unconditionally, taught my kids the way of God, upheld my family name, pushed my colleagues to be their best, and valued friendship.

Take a moment and write down how you want to be remembered, and check your plans for this year. Is it in line with your written legacy?

This exercise will help you get clarity and focus on the right priorities this year.

Leave a comment here and share an abridged version of how you would like to be remembered.


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