While I was filling my application for University, i knew I wanted to do Engineering. I also knew it won’t be Mechanical Engineering because of a silly reason. The reason I closed the door on Mechanical Engineering was because a few years earlier in secondary school I had upsetting experiences with machine drawings. My compass keeps piercing the paper because of too many circles to draw. So i promised myself I won’t do Mechanical Engineering.

When PE, my mentor gave me a task to research on different Engineering disciplines before filling the form, I was able to come to a decision to do Civil Engineering, but also made a better decision to mix it with Business Management.

I believe in being led by God, but i also know that taking the right steps to find out about a particular industry can save you years and money for studying and working in an industry you don’t like.

This is a 4 minute video by Ramit Sethi explaining what you can do to help you choose between the options you may have. He simply answered the question ‘I am stuck between two career paths, which one should I choose’?

If you are a young graduate (0 – 3 years post graduate/post NYSC experience only) and you live in Nigeria, I just created a premium CV writing service. You can find more about it here and next steps – http://www.mindandmouth.com/cv-service/


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