As a birthday Present, my sister got the Nitendo wii as a gift (complete with the “Wii Fit” package). If you know my sister, the amount of weight she has lost in the past 18 months is remarkable to say the least, so I am not too sure what her husband was pulling at with this Wii offering. If you ever get to ask him, he will probably say “some family time on the game console was his main reason”.If you ask me, I will say I think he needs the “Wii Fit” more than my sister.

Anyway, after setting it up this morning, the whole family enjoyed the offerings (minus the “Wii Fit). I played my sister’s husband in tennis (which he won the most times) and then we went on to boxing, and as you can guess “I knocked him out – 2ce” but it was hard work. We were sweating, panting and exhausted after just 2 rounds, well, beating the air. The words of Apostle Paul came to mind “Thus, I fight, not like one who beats the air” (1 Corinthians 9:26)
The question will be, is this one of the bible breaking moments?
I have just expended so much “real” energy without fighting anything. Did I just sweat, panic, feel weak, vulnerable, docking and punching when the enemy is “nothing” (ok… a Wii Sport game). That is why I prefer my old xbox 360, as I just sit down, and I do all those things (traditional game style).
Yesterday at Church, Pastor Bola preached on how to fortify our “faith” (the factor that assures our victory). She mentioned how we hear as one of 4 ways to fortify our faith.
Since we have been given a measure of faith, we all have faith. However, the strong fortified faith that we need comes by “hearing” (Romans 10:17)

How do you hear?.

Are you a
1.) Slow hearer:
It is like the words get to listener’s ears in slow motion. So they don’t make sense of what they are hearing. Slow hearers have trouble with complete obedience hence have weakened faith. Slow hearers:

a. Come to church either believing they have heard the sermon before or they have never heard it. Whichever the case, they are not going to use it for anything

b. Slow hearers are swift to talk. They talk more than they listen, even in church.

c. Slow hearers are Christians with very low expectations.

2.) Selective hearers:

A preacher once said “If faith comes by hearing, then fear comes by hearing too”. Selective hearers choose (subconsciously or consciously) what they want to hear and they block the rest out. I used to babysit some children, and they are very noisy. At first the noise was “NOISE”, but over time, I couldn’t hear it anymore, not because they stopped, but because I selected only what I heard. As a musician, selective hearing is important. But as Christians, when we pick and choose the part of God’s word we like to hear, then our faith can become weakened.
a) Selective hearers have a false sense of hearing. I mean they are partially deaf, especially to the parts of the bible they don’t like.

b) They are ITKs (I too know). As the preacher gives the text, they decide whether to listen or not.

c) Selective hearers push the boundaries of being a Christian.

3.) Swift hearers:

James 1:19 says “Let everyman be swift to hear”. Swift hearers are ready doers. It takes discipline and conscious acceptance to be a swift hearer.

a. Swift hearers are humble. They accept the word of God with humility irrespective of the medium that God is using.
b. Swift hearers are expectant Christians. They have expectations and trust in God. Their ground is good for seed of the word.
c. Swift hearers seek the word of God to fortify their faith even in the midst of challenges.
As you prepare for another Service weekend, why not determine what kind of hearer you are and start the journey or make up the gap or establish yourself as a swift hearer.


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