Social Media is fast becoming a beast that is hard to tame.

However many people still underestimate the raw power this beast possess.

Social Media can

  • Expand your reach
  • Make you money
  • Make your business grow
  • Connect you to destiny helpers
  • Get you a job

But Social Media can also KILL you faster than any other form of media outlet. Whilst ‘KILL’ might not be literally, Social Media can

  • Give you stress
  • Put your family in danger
  • Land you in hospital
  • Get you fired.

In fact you may be two tweets or a Facebook message away from the sack.

I make money, magnify my message and connect with people using Social Media, but I am also careful at the destruction this beast can unleash on unprepared members of the society who underestimate its power.

After spending millions of dollars to get a few seconds slot on the Superbowl, Oreo created a buzz with this tweet that came on when there was a power cut at the stadium. Some have called it the Oscar winning moment in twitter.

But while some companies and people are maximising social media’s beastly powers, everyday some people are falling prey and crumbling under the hammer of social media.


My Oga at the top trended in Nigeria and across the world for a few days when the Lagos State commandant, Obafaiye Shem

goofed. He may forever hate social media. But even worse, as reports have it, his family have been greatly distressed by the events, but contrary to rumours, he has not been suspended.


HMV, a UK based company was not prepared for the eventual outcome of its decision to sack some employees. Executives didn’t know what social media can do and how to manage it until it brought them to their knees. A senior manager even asked “How do I shut down twitter?”

An Employee

At a conference, she overheard two male attendees chatting and she decided to take a picture, tweet it and call them out on their sexism. While she thinks she couldn’t face them physically, she went to social media and that was her downfall. When one of the male attendees was sacked, the blogosphere turned on her and she was eventually fired and her life rather uncomfortable at the moment

Your Children

I am not sure of your disposition, but are you freely allowing your kids to get tattooed online and leaving digital footprints that will hunt them down, hurt them, and halt their progress in life? Remember whatever shows up online is permanent! Parents be warned. Don’t let your children destroy their lives before they realise they have something to live for!. These high school students could face child pornography charges.


You are about to get fired, lose your job, loose your business and be miserable if you ignore, abuse or stay ignorant of the power of social media.

It is an important tool in today’s environment, but it is a two edged sword.

I also tell job seekers when helping them with CV Writing to clean up their social media platforms because employers do check! And many have lost potential jobs because of bad social media representation.

Just before you press ENTER, ask yourself, how will this post/tweet/picture/ affect my life now and in the future? (Remember your generations to come will see your footprint!)

No one knows it all, we may all just need to ask ‘my oga at the top’. Use your brain, Use social media wisely.


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