It is Christmas season and any opportunity to save money I think is a good thing.

Here are a few money saving bargains.

If you think these are not for you, then be nice, and forward it to someone who will benefit from it.

Amazon Savings

There are some hidden up to 99% off discounts in Amazon which many do not know about.

I have put some together for popular categories, check it here. Click and scroll down to find the links.

Toy Savings

{all available online and in store except Woolworths}


{online and in store}[find your nearest store]

Bargains include a red boobtube dress reduced to £7 from £14, a lace body stocking reduced to £10 from £28 and a stone flower ring for £4 reduced from £28

{online and in store}

Bargains include a black & white smart polo reduced to £5 from £18, a checked shirt reduced to £5 from £28 and a wool jacket reduced to £60 from £120.

{online and in store}

Bargains include a bow lantern skirt for £15 (was £29), gold studded denim shorts for £10 (were £30), and a flat stud slouch for £17 (was £35).

{online and in store)

Bargains include a grey lace lined drape reduced to £20 from £45, lattice court shoes, reduced to £30 from £60 and an acrylic link choker, reduced to £9 from £18.

{online and in store}

Expect bargains such as £4 bikinis, £5 tops and £7 double bed sheets.

Films and Box sets

You can watch a film for free on due to a promotion from Lemsip.

The 15 films included are: Alfie, Just Friends, Broken Flowers, Weather Man, Napoleon Dynamite, Sky Captain & The World Of Tomorrow, Miss Potter, Sahara, Elizabethtown, King Of California, The Last Kiss, Aeon Flux, The Last Sentinel, Mean Girls and Collateral. These would normally cost £3 or £4 to watch.

How do I get it?

  • Click ‘like’ on Lemsip’s Facebook page and follow the instructions (you’ll need join Facebook if you haven’t already).
  • When you’ve chosen, click ‘watch now’.
  • You’ll be asked to register, simply by adding your name and email.
  • You’ll then be sent through to the film’s Lovefilm page, and it’ll automatically load up for you to watch.

The offer closes Fri 31 Dec. You don’t have to be a new Lovefilm customer to access the deal.

Watch out for many other offers!.

Have a great weekend.


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