Understanding culture is important to succeed in your career and business.

Take the case of Eddie for example.

He took off his shoe at work, the next day he got fired.

Ignorance almost destroyed his career.

You really can’t blame Eddie. Prior to this small office job in London, Eddie worked in a cow and pig farm in Cyprus, milking the animals, and moved to the UK with only £50 in his pocket to take care of his wife and kids.

Eddie is not some random person though.

Eddie is my mentor.

PE, I call him. I met him in Kent, as a 17 year old boy and for the next 10 years he nurtured me to be a responsible young man.

A few months after his shoe ordeal he became an International consultant for a Fortune 500 company. #incredibleturnaround

He’s gone on to do incredible and amazing things in career, business and he left it all to Pastor one of the most dynamic Marketplace Churches in the UK.

Would you like to hear from Eddie and Bola (his beautiful wife)?. (Now you can see how mentoring works.. Lol)

I am planning on interviewing them here on Mind and Mouth as part of my new look Mind and Mouth “Inspiring Young Christian Professionals and Business Owners to standout in the Marketplace.”

There is a high chance he is going to read this and I want to ensure he says YES to the interview.

So, if you were to get a rare opportunity to sit down with Eddie and Bola, what will you like to ask him?


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(Let’s get at least 100 comments) #ambushamentor #icangetawaywithit

PS: Ibukun, can I ask him about marriage? Answer: Yes you can.

Ok, Ibukun, can I ask him how to get a beautiful wife? Answer: Mind yourself. Lol

Leave your comments/Questions below


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