I got a Blackberry message from one of my business team members asking;

“In a situation whereby you are showing your family love and it is not reciprocal, what do you do?”

Recently, a lot has been coming up on the love issue.

I read on friend’s facebook wall the common reality of investing in others, and they either don’t appreciate it, or they throw it back in your face (which really hurts)

A couple of days ago my brother sent me  a message on how he got very angry because the people he was looking out for had no interest in his welfare and when it came down to profiting they conned him out. He felt really used.

I guess you probably have a similar story as well.

How should we respond to  ‘unappreciated’ love?

And should it stop us from loving?

I want your ideas, your stories and what has worked for you, or how you’ve dealt with such in the past.

First things that came to my mind were

1.)    We’re called to love not because we’ll get loved back (shocking reality)

2.)    We love, because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

3.)    Not getting loved back can be devastating (I know)

So I want to ask you, how would you deal with this?

Or how have you dealt with this before?

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