You are created for a purpose. I believe that, and I also believe the statement below

Our lives should be purpose driven not party driven – Ibukun Onitiju

However, many have lost total control of their lives trying to achieve a purpose driven life.

We generally hear a lot about living a purpose driven life, about how we were made to do something, become something, impact something, affect something, effect something, change something.

There is a sense of urgency within us sometimes that says “Maybe I am wasting precious time”. “Maybe my time is ticking”, “Maybe I am already too late”. “Maybe I have wasted my younger years”, “maybe God has already given up on me to do my bit”.

And while we are still alive, the pressure can be so much that we lose perspective. We lose the right sizing of things, our views become distorted and in some cases, God then becomes an unfair, uncaring, asking too much God.

Today, the call to fulfil God’s vision for our lives is strong. We need to live for God; He has great plans for us. But he also wants us to work with the right perspective.

I like this definition of perspective:

“…having a meaningful interrelationship: understanding the context of things and considering all available information. –”

“the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance –”

Andy Murray is the new US Open champion, but just a few months ago, he lost at the Wimbledon Final to Roger Federer, and it looked like wining a Major is something that will elude him for some time to come. Especially if Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novac Djokovic are still playing and fit.

Andy stuck to what he does, and he has a coach in Ivan Lendl, who I believe his presence helped murray to put things in perspective. Ivan Lendl lost his first 4 major finals, but went on to triumph at the 5th attempt and still went on to win 8 more majors title.

When you lose perspective, you amplify failure, amplify scarcity, amplify challenges and at the same time diminish creativity, diminish hope, diminish the impetus to stay fighting.

Just like his coach, at the 5th attempt of asking, Andy Murray triumphed in style conquering Djokovic in a 5 set thriller.

PB wrote about integrity and skill using Andy Murray’s story. It is very inspiring. 

Four things that can help you maintain perspective:

1.) Despise not the days of small beginnings – John Maxwell said “most people start out average or below average”. It is over time that they get good. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It is unrealistic (no matter how the world portrays it with get rich quick schemes and get fame fast shows) to start at the top. Embrace the small beginnings, it is an important part of the growth process.

2.) Give room for errors – Especially at the start. Tolerance is an important value if we are to fulfil our God given purpose. As we strive towards perfection we need to give ourselves and others room to fail, room to fall, room to mess up, and make sure there is enough energy reserve to bring them back up. I saw spider man 2 again, and Aunty May said to Peter, you have to start with the hardest one first, forgive yourself.

3.) The concept of the doors of opportunity – The first door of opportunity does not necessarily have the opportunity. It most likely leads to another door of opportunity, which leads to another door of opportunity which leads to another door of opportunity, which may eventually lead to an opportunity. God allows us to go through a process of maturity. There is a growth process that is required for us to fulfil God’s vision for our lives. “And the child grew”. Client A may not deliver the big business, but if you treat him well, he will introduce you to client B that will bring you big business.

4.) Don’t quit – Having perspective means you understand the only time when we truly fail is when we give up. Galatians 6:9 – When a farmer quits sowing seed (for whatever reason) his harvest is taken away instantly. So we must not give up. You must not give up.

Finally, perspective says “see better, hear better, feel better, think better, act better, talk better” – and the outcome will be “BETTER”.

Question: In what areas of your life do you think you need perspective now?




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